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Life & Business Coaching in Calgary or Online!

Change My Life Coaching is a team of professionals who provide practical and inspiring whole-life coaching solutions that positively impact every aspect of our client’s lives, careers, and businesses.

We use a variety of proven tools to teach, inspire and motivate others so that they can experience their whole life consciously and as a full-participant, rather than a passenger!

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Feeling stuck? Wondering how to get started? We can root out your biggest motivators and help you get going on the goals that really matter to you.

Want to lose weight and get fit? We can help you defeat negative self-talk and create a realistic plan that keeps you motivated, even when temptation strikes.

Authentic communication is key in all our relationships, personal and professional. We teach how to communicate with others in a respectful and confident manner.

Our coaches will help you discover the job you were born to do, then build the strategy to go after it.

Learn how to grow as a leader, inspire your employees and propel your business forward.

Our facilitated team building events are a great way to build a more positive and productive work environment.  Stronger teams will overcome challenges and achieve their goals faster.

Meet Our Coaches, Find The Right Fit

Our wide-range of coaching services, and growing network of has a life coach, a business coach, or facilitator for any situation.  Find A Coach To Change Your Life!



We might be a little biased, but we think we've got the best coaches in Calgary at CMLC.  We've worked hard to develop a transparent, collaborative work culture, and that has connected us with incredibly talented individuals who love to change lives.

Our coaches are professional, confidential, and open-minded.  We work with people from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

Our mission is to positively impact every aspect of our client’s lives, their careers, and businesses.  We do this by providing practical and motivational whole-life coaching.

We Are Here For You

If you're feeling lost, stuck in a dead-end job, discouraged with a family member or struggling to break a bad habit, we can help!  Request help through our secure, confidential online form.