Become A Better Leader by Traveling More!

Experience is very important in life, it’s often what we look back on. This not only helps us to advance but also provide us a chance to grow in a better way. However, it is a common practice that when we are following our dreams we forget to take a break. That might be a positive sign to some extent but it will eventually show the side effects as well.

To avoid the many side effects, it is important to take a break from the workplace and arrange a trip for yourself. It is paramount as a leader to stop, to unplug, and to simply enjoy the experience of traveling.

Issues for not taking a break

In case you are looking for a sign, this is it. Here are some of the issues that you will start to face, if you do not get away to travel or take a short break away from your work:

  • The first thing will be frustration. You will start to get irritated from even the minor errors and thus, there are chances that you will not be able to have an effective and fresh perspective at work.
  • You will start to destroy your relationships at the workplace because of constant irritations and other issues.
  • Eventually, you will fall prey towards stress where you will not be able to perform well and your coworkers will not interact with you because of your irritable mood swings. And they might even try to avoid you in the office, this might lead to many other issues.
  • It will be hard for you to concentrate on your tasks and thus the productivity of the business will suffer.

Be a better leader

Here are some of the ways that will help you to be a better leader or employee because of traveling.


With traveling, you will develop the ability of adaption to any kinds of situations. Thus, it will become easier for you to even manage the toughest of the situations with fresh perspective and your solution-developing techniques will be enhanced. Often times, the best way to adapt is knowing when to walk away from something/situation that is too close to you and looking at it from a birds-eye view.


When you travel, you break many of the barriers of the cultural differences and languages. This will help you in life by developing better communication skills that are not exclusive to language and by being mindful of your body language. A smile, for example, is pretty universal in any language. This will help with your approach on how to effectively communicate with a specific person by only checking their body language and flexing where appropriate.


In the event, you are planning to travel in a group, it will provide you with a great opportunity that will come in handy back at the workplace and in further aspects of your everyday life. When you travel as a family, you have to make sure that each person is well taken care of and when the problem arises everyone works together to solve it. Because the family rarely see you as the leader you are at the office and instead, might only see you as just dad or mom. It will enhance your bonding with the family and they will experience that they can trust you. Sometimes being out of a familiar environment allows for a better experience on building effective teams.

Time management

With traveling, you will have to be mindful of managing your time. This will allow you to become a successful leader in your organization because it is a skill that is highly sought after, yet hardly achieved. After the initial sleeping in, you will want to explore the city, plan your meals, and participate in excursions – all requiring effective time management. At the end of the day, even on vacation, you still only have 24 hours in a day, spend it wisely. Prioritizing allows for an opportunity to put first things first – not necessarily for the most important things, instead for the things you want the most.

Advice from a coach

As an executive leader and business coach, I often say, in order to be successful and become a better leader it is essential that a person is in the best state of their physical and mental health. Such energy can only be brought about by taking a break, traveling and having a different experience from one they are used to. It’s in these moments I think about what we would do when one of our mobile devices are overloaded, freezes, not working properly – we reset, shut it off (unplug), wait a few minutes then turn it back on. I wonder if that process could work for us too? Yes, it can.

So, book your flights and hotel, pack your bags and take a break from all the hassle of the workplace environment. In case you are looking for something that will guarantee you having an awesome experience, you can also hire a travel agent (consultant) to help you in planning your trip. After all, they are experts in their field and with little or no direction, they can recommend an experience that will allow you to rejuvenate your mental and physical health. Make sure to have the best time of your life and in return you will become a better leader just from simply traveling.

About the author: Kyle Kalloo works for Change My Life Coaching as the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Executive and Business Coach. With two decades of experience in senior management positions, Kyle Kalloo has established a robust record in Strategic Positioning & Brand Management, Operations Restructuring, Feasibility Assessment, Change Management, People Engagement, Executive Development, and the recipient of awards for Innovation & Improvement in previous roles, including companywide initiatives.  Change My Life Coaching is a team of professionals who provide practical and inspiring whole-life coaching solutions that positively impact every aspect of our client’s lives, careers, and businesses.