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Change My Life Coaching is committed to the needs of our clients.  To do this we realized that our coaches must first and foremost be provided with the tools that may not always be easy to access.  We believe that a happy coach will help clients achieve the very best results.

The Problem

Typically, in the coaching industry coaches work completely autonomously or attempt to do joint ventures with other coaches or professionals.  The problem is there are so many amazing coaches out there but so many of them don’t stay in the industry because they can’t seem to make it work.  Here are some of the challenges we as coaches face:

  • Self motivation
  • Balancing the business side of things while still needing to maintain clients
  • Having to individually pay for bookkeepers, accountants, web designers, email addresses etc.
  • Constantly on call because the business phone is usually your personal mobile phone
  • Coaching in coffee shops, the clients home, or only over the phone
  • Having to invest in your own coach or MasterMind
  • Excessively high rates when working for other coaching companies (only 30% to 60% of your your coaching fees are returned to you)
  • Limited access to resources and purchasing power
  • May not have paid into CPP, EI or qualify or other government programs that self-employed person would not qualify for
  • Being able to set your own hours, take days off, and have vacations
  • Credibility because self-employment can create credibility challenges

Mission Statement

Change My Life Coaching is a team of professionals who provide practical and inspiring whole-life coaching solutions that positively impact every aspect of our client’s lives, careers, and businesses.

Vision Statement

Change My Life Coaching will be the leading whole-life coaching organization across Canada with every coaching program customized to the unique needs and desires of our clients.



Be conscious of whole-life
Embrace change & evolve
Active participation
Maintain flexibility

Our Offer

  • Considered an employee legally so we deduct your EI/CPP for you
  • An amazing and fun culture that supports your success
  • Part-Time Office Space to meet your clients
  • Parking for you and your clients
  • Full facilities (boardrooms, washrooms, kitchenettes)
  • A bio page, shared services page, and blog space on our SEO optimized website
  • Leverage our brand
  • 500 business cards to start with
  • Templates, forms, and agreements
  • Global marketing for the entire CMLC
  • An email address and phone number
  • Access to our virtual phone system which includes voicemail, that goes right to your cell phone but gives you the opportunity to screen your calls effectively
  • A mailing address
  • A scheduling system where your clients can self select their appointments
  • A Point of Sale system that currently accepts credit cards
  • We provide you with all of your T-slips for CRA
  • You still get to write off certain business expenses
  • Health and dental benefits (80%), critical illness insurance (Manulife) – Single coverage
  • Buying power
  • Massive collaboration
  • Guidance and support in growing your coaching business
  • Low contributions back to the company
  • High commissions, possibly highest in the industry
  • You get to do what you love without the stress of running the back end of the business
  • Opportunities to work at the leadership or executive level in CMLC
  • The ability to set your own hours, take days off, and take vacation
  • Accountability support to finish your own book and get it ready for publishing
  • Future – Customer Relationship Management software
  • Future – Online library/training; one for coaches, one for clients where you can sell your online training programs
  • Future – The opportunity to invest in a la cart administrative support


It goes without saying that the value of this program is exceedingly high.  For you to accomplish these things on your own the cost can be estimated at between $70,000 per year and up.

Your Obligation

Here are the obligations you must serve as a coach:

  • Coaching Contribution of $600 +GST per month ($600 per month or $7,200 per year) +30% of all coaching and coaching related activity sales
  • Honestly report all coaching sales and coaching related activities that may lead to sales
  • Must agree to the terms in the Coach Employee Agreement (CEA)
  • Specific targeted and niche marketing and networking
  • Participation in Change My Life Coaching group marketing activities (MeetUps, workshops, events, blogs, social media, etc.), as determined
  • Know how to coach, you coach the way the client needs you to coach
  • Be prepared to work for your clients
  • Obey the law

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