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Our coaches are focused on helping you achieve your personal goals in all areas of your life – relationships, productivity, mindfulness, health and more.

At Change My Life Coaching, we help you unleash your ability to live the extraordinary life you desire.

Get Motivated & Get Focused 

Sometimes, we just don't know what we are capable of until we are organized and focused on achieving our goals.  Our coaches help you unlock your potential by mapping your natural motivations so you can hit the ground running.

Find Your Work-Life Balance

Are you feeling stuck in a job that isn't right for you? If there's a way to love the job you're in, we'll find it.

If not, we can help you discover your dream job and plan your career transition with confidence and grace.

Prepare for a Healthy Transformation!

When you don't feel your best, you don't perform at your best. If you're ready to take that first step toward transforming your body and your mind, we'll support you! When you develop healthy habits and commit to change, our program has a 100% success rate.

What Can Life Coaching Do For You?

Personal Development

Feeling stuck? Wondering how to get started? We can root out your biggest motivators and help you get going on the goals that really matter to you.

Career Development & Transitions

Our coaches will help you discover the job you were born to do, then build the strategy to go after it.

Leadership Skills Development

Learn how to grow as a leader, inspire your employees and propel your business forward.

Health & Fitness Goals

Want to lose weight and get fit? We can help you defeat negative self-talk and create a realistic plan that keeps you motivated, even when temptation strikes.

Relationships & Communication

Authentic communication is key in all our relationships, personal and professional. We teach how to communicate with others in a respectful and confident manner.

Team Development

Our facilitated team building events are a great way to build a more positive and productive work environment.  Stronger teams will overcome challenges and achieve their goals faster.

Corporate Culture Consulting

What we remember most in our lives are the special moments – moments of celebration, meeting as a team around a milestone of some kind.  Our clients and our employees form lasting and engaging relationships with companies that show appreciation and deliver on positive culture promises. The point is this… all companies have a culture. The more deliberate they can be about that culture, the better.

Business Coaching – I Got A Plan!

In order to be successful in any business, you need a long-term growth and development plan. As a business owner, your goal is to keep moving forward, but sometimes you can find yourself stuck. Our coaches will help you identify your biggest obstacles are and how how to get past them.  They can then provide the strategies, tools and tactics to help you streamline, innovate and reach your business’s full potential.

Meet Our Coaches, Find The Right Fit

Our wide-range of coaching services, and growing network of has a life coach, a business coach, or facilitator for any situation.  Find A Coach To Change Your Life!

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