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Are we Just Six-Steps Away From Achieving Our Goals?
Published 11/4/2019 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note: This article contains 1,111 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 4 minutes.   With unlimited career choices, education options, and opportunities at our feet every day, it can be quite the challenge to gain the clarity needed to reach our goals. Things get in the way, indecision plagues our minds, and self-doubt and fear of the unknown reach in and strangle our motivation. The amazing thing about the entire situation is that we’re actually only ever six steps away from achieving our goals. That’s right; just six steps away. Unfortunately, none of us are gifted with foresight, leaving the road ahead full of uncertainty and doubt. Steve Jobs, the founder of a little company called Apple, put it best during his 2005 commencement speech at Harvard University: “Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that... read more ❯
SCREW PASSION the Biggest Fraud in Career Discovery
Published 10/15/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
SCREW PASSION the Biggest Fraud in Career Discovery "You can do anything as long as you have the passion," but I say screw this quote, not only is it misleading, it is incorrect especially for those seeking to pursue a successful career life. Before delving into this all too controversial topic, its best to define the keywords as this will give us a sense of direction and help us understand better the message being passed across. Passion is best defined as a fleeting emotion, which so good, surreal, and exciting at first but phases out over time. Not only does it not last long, it often creates an incorrect or a misleading expectation around our career and life in general. Purpose, on the other hand, is the motive behind a specific action or the reason why something exists. Purpose, unlike passion, is not fleeting and does not fade with time. Instead, it takes pride... read more ❯
Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Life Coach
Published 10/1/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Life Coach Everyone needs a coach, no matter who you are or what you are into, we all need someone who can help you bring out the best in you. It has been discovered that people who surround themselves with positively minded individuals tend to have a better quality of life both emotionally, physically, and in all spheres of life. This is not all; having a life coach helps you have clarity of thoughts and plans, makes you more committed to things that matter and not just envision success but makes it achievable too. A good life coach modifies your life when required and helps you come up with strategies and goals that best suits your needs. The benefits are endless. However, there are life coaches, and then there are Life Coaches. The choice of the best life coach goes a long way in determining how your... read more ❯
Why Being Honest with Your Customers is Better than Being Transparent
Published 9/12/2019 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note:This article contains 1,232 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 5 minutes.   Honesty doesn’t only have to do with doing things the way they ought to be done, it also expresses the values in which a company/business/organization is founded. Telling the truth and acting accordingly is a good virtue and a measure of ethics and moral honour. Honesty is one of the best ways for an organization to achieve long-lasting success for its employees and customers. There is a huge difference between being honest and being transparent. Honesty is when you reveal what you feel needs to be known, while transparency is when others can’t see something that YOU feel they need to know but might not be appropriate or relevant. An example of someone trying to be transparent could be; I was looking at buying a new vehicle and the business manager at the dealership wanted to... read more ❯
A+ Rating with the BBB for newly Accredited Business - Change My Business Coaching and Change My Life Coaching
Published 9/11/2019 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Phone: 844-910-7111 Email: info@changemylifecoaching.ca   A+ Rating with the BBB for newly Accredited Business - Change My Business Coaching and Change My Life Coaching   CALGARY, AB – September 11, 2019 –Change My Business Coaching and Change My Life Coaching are proud to announce that we are now accredited with an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.   With the coaching industry growing at a rapid rate it can be difficult for new clients to determine where they want to spend their money, and who to trust. An Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau speaks to a business’s track record of delivering service in accordance with BBB Standards for Trust, and provides another layer of visibility and accountability.   “BBB Accreditation creates an instant connection of trust for our clients and it ties us to the powerful BBB brand. It gives customers searching for our services a way to communicate with us right away through the BBB website... read more ❯
What will you do for Work when AI and Robots Take Over?
Published 8/20/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
As Artificial Intelligence and robots continue to become more crucial in the workplace, employees face a daunting challenge of figuring how to cope with the significant changes that will most definitely accompany automation. Automation is no longer a fairy tale or some impossible dream, it’s happening faster than you think. So it’s critical to prepare yourself for the immense changes that are sure to occur. Interestingly, researchers from McKinsey estimate that more than 45% of current jobs can be automated. There is an urgent need for employees to start preparing themselves for the inevitable future of AI and Robots. AI and Robots will be significant in everyone’s future job.  Unfortunately, several organizations today are not prepared for such a significant transition. In fact, advanced data analytics and digitization has already brought about a significant gap between the skills people have and skills required by organizations. This gap in skills will not... read more ❯
Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group
Published 8/6/2019 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note:This article contains 1,073 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 4 minutes.   The idea of coming together in a small, focused group is not an entirely new concept. Mastermind groups have always existed solely for the purpose of exchanging ideas and are dedicated to mutual growth and building members up. In 1925 Napoleon Hill used the term “Master Mind” in his book ‘The Law of Success’. He pointed out that being a part of a mastermind group was critical to his success. As illustrated by Napoleon, the core value of a mastermind group is the synergy of motivation, idea exchange, energy, commitment and the willingness to learn and grow together. Members in a mastermind groups raise the bar by challenging each other to set goals, improve personal skills, business skills, brainstorm ideas and support each other with utmost respect and honesty. So, whether you believe in the power of... read more ❯
Need to Up Your Engagement & Motivation at Work?
Published 8/6/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
WORK: Unmotivated? Disengaged? It's Your Fault and It's Time For Change! Employee engagement and motivation has always been an important aspect of the workplace which has a direct bearing on the performance and productivity of the workforce. However, Gallup research pointed out that several companies have disengaged employees with low motivation; it further reported that only about 13% of employees are engaged at work. This represents about one out of every eight employees. That’s not acceptable and it is not the kind of data employers want to see, and it’s definitely not good for productivity and performance. There’s a need to examine how to improve your engagement and motivation at work so that you can work at your optimum best and reach your full potential. This blog post will examine proven tips to up your engagement and motivation at work: Find work that interests you. In his book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ Dale Carnegie said: “the... read more ❯
What You Need to Know Before You Reorganize Your Organization
Published 7/10/2019 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note:This article contains 1591 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 6 minutes.   There’s every possibility that you’ve experienced at least one reorganization in your career at some point. Reorganizations are usually an excellent way to unlock value and stay in tune with the constant change in the business environment. Reorganization is an effective way to improve performance and keep up with the incredible pace of change in the business world.  It is often undertaken to boost innovation and ultimately financial performance. Companies often undergo reorganization to curtail inertia or routines that may progressively undermine growth. However, the truth is that most reorganizations are not entirely successful. A survey carried out by McKinsey revealed that more than 80% of reorganizations fail to deliver the value promised. Furthermore, an estimated 10% cause severe damage to the company and they could also be a miserable experience for employees. Research suggests that... read more ❯
Tough Decision? Try Values Based Decision Making
Published 7/9/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Humans have different ways of making decisions which range from instinct, subconscious beliefs, conscious beliefs, values, intuition, emotion, logic, science and inspiration. As people are being more conscious, they tend to choose the latter of the listed forms of decision making as evolutionary perspectives, values based decision making and inspirations are still new.  If you are struggling to make an important decision you might try Values Based Decision Making. What are values? Your values are the things you feel are important in the way you work and live. They determine your priorities and how well you are living and they can be used to measure how fulfilled you are. You become satisfied and content when the things you do are in line with your values. In fact, they represent the way you want to be in the world. What is values based decision making? Values based decision making is important for individuation and self-actualization. It helps... read more ❯