Tips for Men: You Might Be Doing It All Wrong

Confident Career Tip No. 11 Last week we saw a video by Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders.  We would be lying if we said part of the problem didn’t involve men.  Joanne Lipman, a Wall Street Journal contributor, did an interview with WSJ Live.  Further down that same page you will find an incredible article written by Joanne Lipman that speaks to eight tips men need to remember about women in … Read more

Sexism, Alive and Well: Women & Leadership

Confident Career Tip No. 10 The Province of Alberta, Canada made history on Tuesday, May 5. Not only did we elect a majority NDP (very leftist for our non-Canadian readers) government after a whopping 44 years of having a PC (rightist) government but we also elected our second female premier, Rachel Notley.  What is even more surprising in our conservative province is that this new caucus is 33% female. The largest number of women who … Read more

Laid Off (Part IV): 100 Things to Do If You’ve Been Laid Off

This is the last part of our 4 part series on how to strategize if you have been laid off.  If you have been laid off or unemployed the obvious first thing to do is to get working as quickly as possible.  That is what we have been speaking to in the last two months.  However, sometimes it is a waiting game, so in absence of employment what can we do? Sometimes we have to have … Read more