Sexism, Alive and Well: Women & Leadership

Confident Career Tip No. 10

The Province of Alberta, Canada made history on Tuesday, May 5. Not only did we elect a majority NDP (very leftist for our non-Canadian readers) government after a whopping 44 years of having a PC (rightist) government but we also elected our second female

premier, Rachel Notley.  What is even more surprising in our conservative province is that this new caucus is 33% female. The largest number of women who have held seats provincially in our history.  In 2015, this should not be a surprise; however, it’s gaining some significant local media attention because… well… it is a surprise.

So what?

Equal rights and pay for women in the workplace is still an issue that is not being addressed correctly.  In fact, a study done by Stats Canada in 2008 shows that the annual earnings of women were 64% that of their male counterparts. This is disgusting. You would think in North America, where we are proud to lead the way and be first, and do what’s right and just and fair. That this issue would be resolved. But the numbers show that we aren’t doing well, and not just here but globally!

This and the next three issues of this newsletter will focus on ways that women can strategize their careers to get noticed and find their voice in a man’s world.