Tips for Men: You Might Be Doing It All Wrong

Confident Career Tip No. 11

Last week we saw a video by Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders.  We would be lying if we said part of the problem didn’t involve men.  Joanne Lipman, a Wall Street Journal contributor, did an interview with WSJ Live.  Further down that same page you will find an incredible article written by Joanne Lipman that speaks to eight tips men need to remember about women in the work force.  I have summarized them below but I strongly recommend you read the full article whether you are a man or a woman because if you read between the lines you may also see places where women could be unconsciously sabotaging themselves.


Here are the titles of the 8 tips:

  1. She’s not “sorry,” she’s not “lucky”-and she’s not asking you a question.
  1. She’s ready for a promotion-she just doesn’t know it yet.
  1. She’s pretty sure that you don’t respect her.
  1. She deserves a raise.
  1. That’s actually not a compliment – “I’ve got a girl in operations who…” This is benevolent sexism or “You’ve got two little kids? How do you do it?”
  1. Don’t be afraid of tears.
  1. Children grow up.
  1. She’s your boss, not your mother.