Did You Notice the Irony Last Week?

Confident Career Tip No. 12

Last week we read “Women at Work: A Guide for Men” an article by Joanne Lipman that spoke to eight tips men need to remember about women in the work force.  Things that are still a challenge today.  Did you read the full article?  If you didn’t, I recommend it because you are about to be tested on it!

Now, did you notice something particularly interesting about it?

The subject of the article was about women at work and it provided tips for men.  There is something particularly ironic about it… and while I noticed it I admittedly did not noticed the irony at the time.  In fact, for me to see the irony one of my friends had to sent me an email urging me to encourage my readers to read the full article and take notice of the pictures.  At this I replied, “good idea”!  *shrug*

Later last week I met up with this very same friend and she further pressed the point, “did you notice the pictures?”  I gave her a blank “man-stare”.

DUH! The article is chalked with pictures of women in “traditional” female roles. Girl Friday’s, receptionists. While the pictures seemed old and out of place it is still commonplace for me to see this kind of image in the workforce.

Interestingly, I graduated from an Office Administration program.  Of 110 students I was the only male in the entire two year program.  It was a tough as nails program.  Only 35 students graduated!

After graduating, my first job was administrative in title and nature.  What I noticed after a couple of years though was that I was given opportunities that many of my female alumni were not granted. In fact, I know that for the same education, and the same title, I almost always made more money than my female counterparts.  It’s something that brings to the surface feelings of guilt and maybe shame… I wonder if it would have made a difference if I would have stood up at the time and demanded equal pay….

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