Navigating Back on Track

Sometimes life can throw us off the path that we expect to travel. This tends to happen more than expected in our lives. For the past couple of months I got detoured by situations in my life so much that I couldn’t concentrate on the things I wanted to work on. It was around this time that I saw the benefits of checking in with Christopher in my coaching sessions.

In our first session at the beginning of the year we agreed that we would explore my future career aspects. A few months have gone by and it’s only now that we started talking about my career.

But I’m far from disappointed.

I had things that came up in my life that needed to be addressed. These far outweighed my need to talk about career aspects. Christopher noticed how distressed I was and took the time to coach me through how I was feeling.

My life issues were not part of the planned agenda, but at that moment the most important thing for me was to have someone listen to my needs. There is something cathartic about talking through your issues with someone, especially to someone who is there to just…listen.

I had a friend who passed away recently. It was hard on a lot people, but I was still in a position and a state of mind where I was able to help. I didn’t know how to offer my support without being part of the barrage of hundreds of other people offering their support.

This was a timely and sensitive issue that needed to be addressed. Christopher took the time to go through the process of helping me acknowledge my emotions and figure out a way for me to communicate my support to the family. He coached me how to offer practical ways to help, like walk their dog or cook meals for them during their time of grief.

I imagined myself in their position and I think that’s exactly what I would have wanted if I was mourning. I would want people to tell me how they can help rather than figuring out how they can help me. In times of grief everything can feel chaotic so just knowing how someone can support is a huge relief.

It’s nice to know that I am able to count on Christopher to listen to me and not push on an agenda he thinks is good for me. He will set aside the pre-planned schedule to help me navigate the complexities of everyday life.

At our most recent session we finally started looking at my career plan. It’s a good time now than ever to start focusing on this because I was able to take the time to sort out these unexpected situations and now my mind is clear to take on a new challenge. Christopher made it a point to stick to the agenda this time, which is fine by me. I am ready to tackle this ‘future-planning’ thing now. But I know that if I ever hit a rut again, I will have someone who is there to listen and work out the mess with me.

Christopher is the Chief Value Officer and Founder of Change My Life Coaching and Co-Founder of Change My Business Coaching and the Healthy Transformations Weight Loss & Inflammation Reduction Program. Change my Life Coaching is a fast growing whole-life, leadership and business coaching company, and the only one of it’s kind. He is also the author of “Go Beyond Passion: Discover Your Dream Job”. Christopher spent 15+ years working in the corporate world with a plethora of industries and companies. His focus was primarily in planning, strategy, and leadership of change management and communication. Christopher is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner (CMCP), trainer and facilitator, and a passionate public speaker who truly cares about the success of each and every single person he comes into contact with. You can reach him at

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