We Need Your Help to Make a Christmas Miracle Happen

Who do you know that is struggling this year and needs a Christmas Miracle?  This year Vocare Hair Studio is looking to help someone in need over the Christmas Season!  Because Vocare Hair Studio is doing this, Change My Life Coaching has decided to provide all Vocare Hair Studio clients with the gift of a motivational strategy session.  All you have to do is book your next hair appointment with Monique Chernecki and she will … Read more


OR MAYBE NOT? IS IT ECONOMICALLY USEFUL TO ORGANIZE A STAFF CHRISTMAS PARTY? WHAT CONNECTS OLD SCROOGE OF THE CHRISTMAS CAROL WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY? IT WASN’T TOO LATE FOR HIM TO CHANGE, IT’S NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO START PLANNING!   It is this time of year again: Halloween is over, it is socially acceptable to listen to Christmas songs and retails stores are slowly decorating themselves into Christmas mood.  Since about mid-August, … Read more