A Revolutionary Approach to Coaching

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CALGARY, AB – January 30, 2017 – Change My Life Coaching introduces a revolutionary approach to non-traditional, career, business, executive, event, and life coaching and consulting. The Calgary based team of inspiring coaching and consulting professionals have helped people from every walk of life who have felt trapped, had bad habits, wanted more confidence, needed to increase their business sales, struggled with turmoil, needed to get fit, or just needed that extra … Read more

Managing the Discomfort of Fear

Fear. When it’s present, it consumes me. It can paralyze a person and make her stagnate for years. That’s how I feel sometimes. It affects me in so many areas of my life. Fear of pain – my physical wellbeing. Fear of rejection – my self-esteem. Fear of loss – my sense of fulfillment. Fear is a perception of what could happen based on an experience or story we’ve been told. It’s supposed to remind … Read more

Become A Better Leader by Traveling More!

Experience is very important in life, it’s often what we look back on. This not only helps us to advance but also provide us a chance to grow in a better way. However, it is a common practice that when we are following our dreams we forget to take a break. That might be a positive sign to some extent but it will eventually show the side effects as well. To avoid the many side … Read more

Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

Your physical health (good or bad) may be a direct result of the various conflicts you have had throughout your lifetime, along with your reaction to them. There is a lot of knowledge that supports this claim. The best example of this view comes from the work of Dr. Geerd Hamer. His work has taken the widespread notion that your emotions influence your health and well-being.[1] Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say … Read more

REVIEW: Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

To understand this review you first need to understand that I am a whole-life coach who places a strong focus on career. I spend a lot of time helping clients discover a job doing something they will love, and if what they love isn’t in line with their values (like what they want to make financially or to be able to support their family) we then focus on learning to love any job.  Another part of … Read more

New Years Goals, Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

Only 8% of people achieve their New Years Goals, according to StatisticBrain and yet 45% of people usually make a New Years resolution.   So why bother? With only 8% of people fully accomplishing their New Years goals it is very discouraging to even want to bother.  However, we know that goal setting can be important to experiencing clarity and achievement in your life. So instead of avoiding goal setting or not doing it, consider … Read more