Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

Your physical health (good or bad) may be a direct result of the various conflicts you have had throughout your lifetime, along with your reaction to them.

There is a lot of knowledge that supports this claim. The best example of this view comes from the work of Dr. Geerd Hamer. His work has taken the widespread notion that your emotions influence your health and well-being.[1] Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that 85 percent of diseases have an emotional element.[2]

A study published by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine also supported this view when it found a strong relationship between the number of childhood traumas and the number of health risk factors for leading causes of death in adults[3]. The article continued to show there was a significant link between the number of childhood trauma events and the following conditions:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Chronic bronchitis or emphysema
  • History of hepatitis or jaundice
  • Skeletal fractures
  • Poor self-rate health

Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine actually takes this finding a step further. He found that most disease originates from an unexpected shock experience[4]. This could run the gamut from witnessing a murder to being abused as a child or losing your home to a fire. It could also stem from infidelity, divorce, getting laid off … just about any situation that causes you trauma and shock.

Any traumatic experience has the potential to linger in your mind for a lifetime. Once there, these memories can cause you to withdraw from others, feel helpless, have flashbacks … in other words they can completely control and overtake your life.

Call is post-traumatic stress disorder, extreme stress, or simply human nature. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you realize sooner rather than later that you need to work at healing your emotional scars just as you need to work at healing your physical body – perhaps even more so.

You see, you can have the perfect diet, the perfect exercise schedule and an ideal life; but if you have lingering unresolved emotional conflicts, you can still become very sick.

So how do you resolve trauma or let go of haunting negative memories that may be keeping you sick? Most all of us have been through some tough times, and those times need to be addressed. We can begin to address, let go and find relief by learning how to use tools like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or Neurokinesis and use them on a regular basis.

If you feel generally happy, great! Use EFT, MBSR or Neurokinesis as an “insurance policy” that will help you to identify any buried pain and deal with the day-to-day stress we all face.

Just don’t wait. Dr. Hamer wisely recommends you “deal with, and resolve your emotional traumas as quickly as possible! Don’t let them linger and fester.”[5] And I completely agree.

If you’ve been through a trauma and are noticeably struggling with it, you can book a Whole-Life Strategy session with Kerry Webster, Authenticity and Vulnerability Coach, who is familiar with dealing with trauma and releasing negative memories. Kerry is certified in Neurokinesis and experienced with EFT and MBSR methods.

As you begin to take control of your health, make sure that includes your emotional health. Take control of your emotional health so that any skeletons in your closet are forced to get out into the open … and finally disappear.

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Christopher is the Chief Value Officer and Founder of Change My Life Coaching and Co-Founder of Change My Business Coaching and the Healthy Transformations Weight Loss & Inflammation Reduction Program. Change my Life Coaching is a fast growing whole-life, leadership and business coaching company, and the only one of it’s kind. He is also the author of “Go Beyond Passion: Discover Your Dream Job”. Christopher spent 15+ years working in the corporate world with a plethora of industries and companies. His focus was primarily in planning, strategy, and leadership of change management and communication. Christopher is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner (CMCP), trainer and facilitator, and a passionate public speaker who truly cares about the success of each and every single person he comes into contact with. You can reach him at

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