What Is Often Overlooked In Our Office

As the New Year gets underway, most of us plan and make lists of all of the things we’d like to achieve, accomplish or change. But what we don’t often think about is pausing to celebrate when these things have occurred.  It’s so easy to move along quickly to the next thing – the next idea, the next project, the next goal without stopping to really feel and appreciate those great moments. I work with … Read more

Love Week 2017 #SpreadLoveWeek

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Phone: 844-910-7111 Email: info@changemylifecoaching.ca   Change My Life Coaching Injects “Love” Into the Workplace CALGARY, AB – February 6, 2017 – At Change My Life Coaching we are thrilled to be joining a global movement called LOVE WEEK! As Valentine’s Day approaches, many lovers are scrambling to find the perfect gift that expresses their love and feelings for their special person.  Several years ago the folks at Mindvalley Academy decided that Valentine’s … Read more

The Life and Death of New Year’s Resolutions

As 2017 started you likely got your sights set on all the ways this year would be better. You told yourself you would commit to a new workout plan. You would start eating healthier. You would read more. You would travel. You would finally start that new business. The “New year, new you” mentality took over and January 1 became this magical day of rebirth–until reality set in. A University of Scranton study says that … Read more

Resumes, Extinct?

Could the traditional resume be dead? That day may be fast approaching. Day after day with my clients, I consistently approach the resume as a minimum standard requirement for the job search. While at the same time, the resume is becoming less and less useless when you are applying against 100 to 400 candidates. Recently, Allison Swelin posted an article on LinkedIn called R.I.P. Resume’s where she said that it’s time for resume’s to go … Read more

LOVE IS IN THE AIR – Events to Fall In Love For

Most people think of events as big, expensive happenings organized by companies. But there are lots of events to celebrate in your private life as well: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings… But before you can actually celebrate these, you have to work on your partnership, meaning: Showing your partner your love. In general, I am a supporter of showing love in a partnership every single day and I know that in relationships it is not done … Read more