The Power of Disconnection

We all value connection in our lives – I know I do!  While keeping up with phone messages, emails, texts, work, family and friends takes up a big part of our lives, taking some time for ourselves – a little disconnection – is as necessary as connection for creating a healthy, happy life.  We often can run out of steam, and our body lets us know – in a variety of ways – when it’s time to disconnect.

In my last blog, I promised some thoughts around this notion of “disconnection”.  A little rest, relaxation, reprieve goes a long way!  I’d like to share an article with you by Martha Beck which describes some helpful approaches and strategies to consider when you next feel the need to disconnect.

1 thought on “The Power of Disconnection”

  1. I honestly don’t think you can stress the power of “disconnecting”. It is up to us as individuals to decide when and how we need to disconnect. So many people don’t learn to recognize when they have had enough! I honestly think this goes back to the previous article in this newsletter about setting boundaries. As a leader, as an individual, we all need to set boundaries and find a way to stick to them!

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