Time For Spring Cleaning

Ahhh – Spring is here!  As the gray and white of winter fades, new life is blooming all around us!  The birds are singing, the trees are budding, the streets are being cleaned….and the urge to purge in your home may be coming up for you!

I have recently become an “empty-nester”. It has become abundantly clear that I have a ton of “stuff” that has collected over the years that I…Don’t…Need!  I think we all long for a space around us where we feel peaceful and we can thrive.  But it can also feel like a very daunting task to tackle all of the objects that are currently residing in that “space”.

As writer Martha Beck shares “I’m one of those people who gradually accumulates possessions until their living spaces begin to feel stuffed up.  Folks like me sustain an ongoing attempt to spring clean, but something in us always protests.  It makes us cling to possessions we don’t need, hesitate before discarding things, and set discouragingly ambitious rules about how de-cluttering should happen”.  I can relate!

In our move to our new offices, we did take time to purge items that no longer were needed.  We moved into an empty space and under the excellent direction of Christopher, every item we brought with us found a home and the result is….magic!  What a pleasure to come into a beautiful, organized space every day.  We can sit back (work), feel the openness and breathe, breathe, breathe.

It is so inspiring, and I want my home to feel this way too! So where to start?  That can sometimes be the hardest task of all!

I came across an article which I’d like to share…it explains a technique called “Walk Away Clutter” which I plan to implement.  It is a great motivator and excuse-buster.  I hope that you enjoy!



Catherine Munro is the Chief of Staff and Joy Facilitator at Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching.  Catherine’s role as Chief of Staff is to give Executive Support to our CEO and Chief Value Officer. She is the go-to resource for the senior team to lead key corporate initiatives and to get special projects done which promote and support our corporate goals, mission and vision, as well as managing the day-to-day of the executive office. Catherine’s role as Joy Facilitator is to lead, support and articulate the culture of Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching and to be there for our clients, from their first initial contact and as they move through their coaching journey.  You can reach her at cmunro@changemylifecoaching.ca

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