Experiencing Joy

Being the “Joy Facilitator” for Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching has given me pause to take note every time the subject of “Joy” and “Happiness” comes up!

It is such an interesting study and so unique to us all!

Some ideas to share…

Joy and Excitement are not the same thing…

As Martha Beck writes…”In our culture the media has influenced us to believe that we derive joy and happiness from experiences that “blow our mind” and it’s as though we’re somehow falling short if we don’t routinely feel that way.” The notion that we should/need to feel excited and enthused most of the time to be happy creates a lot of pressure and unfulfilled expectations. Excitement is a great and necessary thing; without it life wouldn’t be complete. But we can’t sustain that state consistently, and high excitement is often followed by a mood crash.

Joy, however, is a deeper and more calm experience. And cultivating it is one of the most important steps we can take toward creating fulfilling lives.  It’s the realization that happiness is around us all of the time. It’s the ability to take in the moment – relaxing, connecting, creating and absorbing joyful experiences in our every day.

But how do we stay in the moment when life is pulling us in all sorts of directions? 

Next Month: Mindfulness

Next month we’ll chat about Mindfulness and explore some tools to help us be in the moment to experience our Joy.

Resources on Joy

In the meantime, please enjoy some articles about Joy below:

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