Need to Up Your Engagement & Motivation at Work?

WORK: Unmotivated? Disengaged? It’s Your Fault and It’s Time For Change!

Employee engagement and motivation has always been an important aspect of the workplace which has a direct bearing on the performance and productivity of the workforce. However, Gallup research pointed out that several companies have disengaged employees with low motivation; it further reported that only about 13% of employees are engaged at work. This represents about one out of every eight employees. That’s not acceptable and it is not the kind of data employers want to see, and it’s definitely not good for productivity and performance. There’s a need to examine how to improve your engagement and motivation at work so that you can work at your optimum best and reach your full potential. This blog post will examine proven tips to up your engagement and motivation at work:

Find work that interests you.

In his book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ Dale Carnegie said: “the only way to get someone to do something is by making them want to do it”. Therefore when talking about motivation, it is important to focus more on activities that interest you. Just look at the activities that you enjoy. Something that makes you fulfilled and accomplished.

In his research Daniel Pink points out that there are three key principles of motivation;

  • Autonomy: The desire to direct our own lives
  • Mastery: The urge to get better and better
  • Purpose: The service of something larger than ourselves

These elements can be further broken down into what people work on, who they work with, when they work and how they work. Employees reported that the number one motivating factor is doing a work that interests them. Of course, this does not mean that you should quit your job if what you’re doing currently doesn’t interest you. You could simply ask your manager to get you on a new project that interests you or that is quite challenging. Or you could perhaps shift into a new role within the company. Doing something that challenges and at the same time interests you is one of the best ways to stay motivated and engaged.

Learn a new skill.

Research and statistics have always pointed out that learning new skills keeps your brain active and it is always a plus on your resume. Although, learning a new skill can be especially challenging and frustrating at first, as you’re presented with a whole new set of techniques and ideas, but this feeling can inspire you to keep at it until you master the skill. Think about a new skill that is relevant to your current role in the organization and set out to learn it. You can even pitch it to your manager especially if it’s something that will benefit the company in the long run, they might be willing to fund the training or provide tools and resources that will allow you to develop it quickly. You’re adding value to yourself and simultaneously adding value to your employer. It’s a win-win situation.

Remember your “WHY”

Research has shown that employees generally want to do work that is fulfilling and rewarding and that’s a given. However, the truth is that it’s not usually easy to connect those deep feelings to our actual daily tasks. So ask yourself why do I do what I do? Look for a way to constantly remind yourself how your work is satisfying an important need. Once you understand your “WHY” it will be easier to connect more deeply to your personal career goals and mission. Moreover, contending with feelings of low motivation can easily translate into an overly self-focused mindset that limits your personal and career progression. Taking time to do something for others can boost your motivation as this of commitment frees up areas of the mind that are constricted allowing you to connect to your inner authentic self.

Get constant Feedback

No matter what level of knowledge or skill you’ve acquired, there’s always going to be a need for constant improvement. It’s possible that we become too wrapped up with work that we fail to recognize the subtle ways that we can potentially improve or get better nor do we realize the areas where we are adding the most value. Take time to speak with a supervisor, line manager or colleague. Find out if you’re doing a good job at work and then ask specifically for ways that you can improve your output. The fact is that there’s always room to improve or learn new skills in any professional role within an organization, and no one is better equipped to help you identify these areas other than the people you work and interact with on a daily basis. Their honest feedback could help you get clarity in your next role.

Go on a Vacation

Statistics revealed that on the average Americans has about 3.2 leave days unused. Commenting on this, a study carried out by Harvard College concluded that an estimated 94% of employees that went on vacation reported that they had a lot more energy and motivation after returning from a good vacation. A further 55% reported increased energy levels after they got back from the trip. Moreover, going on vacation away from work offers a mental time out that can stimulate the “resting brain” effect allowing for more creative thoughts and productivity.

Bottom Line

Whether you like it or not, we all experience slumps in motivation at some point in our careers. We have all been there. However, it’s critical to know how to respond to this loss in motivation without getting sidetracked or distracted. It’s about constantly reminding yourself of the purpose your work serves and working hard to create a thriving environment for yourself. Also, learn to focus on your strengths and weaknesses because they are the pieces of feedback that will keep you right on track to your desired life. The world needs whatever it is you’ve got to give, view the lack of motivation as an invitation to do something bigger and better to own who you truly are. This is your chance.


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