Why You Must Maintain a Positive Mindset during Your Career Search

Positivity Matters

Searching for a job can be frustrating, especially when you’ve heard ‘no’ a little too often, and it isn’t set to change anytime soon. With progressively difficult recruitment processes and increased AI usage, it’s becoming more competitive, and it can be easy to think, “What’s the point?!”

In fairness, organizations only want the best for their business. However, the fact remains that this has, in some ways, contributed to the level of unemployment. As standards are revved harder and global competition increases, more candidates will fall off the eligibility radar.

Keith Harrel wrote a great book, Attitude is Everything‘, to help you work on your attitude and mindset. Keith speaks of the importance of attitude and positivity in the chances of success. And you know what? He’s right. How you approach things makes a significant difference in the quality of your life, regardless of circumstances.

Why Positivity? How a Positive Mindset Can Help Get Your Desired Life

Positivity helps productivity

Negativity is one of the most significant forms of distraction. You cannot afford to psyche yourself out before getting a job. It helps to envision yourself as an employee already. This may seem cheesy, but your optimism reflects through your career search and keeping a healthy mental attitude better sets you up for success.

Potential Employers are Looking for Positive People.

Yes, that’s right. Companies would rather hire a confident, happy, and average employee than someone with excellent skills who regularly wears a sour frown. This makes sense as it’s easier to train for skills than attitude. As workplaces change, organizations have shifted their recruitment focus from mainly technical to a more holistic view, including mental traits. Having confidence or resilience can be just as much a recruitment differentiator as technical expertise.

Please, if you are struggling to maintain consistent positivity in your outlook, please see a professional for help. There are sources to help people through emotional and mental struggles.

Positivity Brings Inner Satisfaction

Imagine that after months of job hunting, you finally find a job. Your pay increases, yet still, you aren’t satisfied. Our deepest needs are psychological, and the ultimate goal is to find fulfillment and purpose in what piques our interests and passions. If you haven’t learned how to practice positivity, appreciating what you have is extraordinarily difficult. The first step to fulfillment is gratitude and a positive outlook. With this, it will be easier to get your pieces into place and appreciate what you have, even while working to progress.

Strategies to Help Change Your Mindset

You might be thinking, “I get that positivity is important, but it isn’t always so easy.” And while that’s true, it is also possible to see a difference in attitude with just a few steps.

Be Organized

Make sure you have an updated resume and LinkedIn profile (check for errors, typos show a lack of attention to detail). Prepare an interview outfit in advance, so you don’t need to worry beforehand. Set goals and use them as motivation to help find a satisfying career.

Try this: each week, write down achievable goals. For instance, it could be to visit a job fair or to apply for a job. Make the goals reasonable and see it through!

Do a Daily Career Search

It can be challenging to get back to job searching, especially if you’re out of practice. One way is to look at your search as your current job. When the search becomes part of your daily routine, it becomes a form of motivation, providing a sense of direction.

Help Yourself by Networking

Today, career searches are mostly online.  Tools such as Skype and Facetime are creating new ways of reaching out no matter where you are. However, the value of face-to-face time cannot be underestimated – it’s worth investing your time to connect with people. You never know where the information may lead.


In addition to helping those in need, studies show volunteering is beneficial for the mind and body. It’s also great for your career, creating opportunities to meet people, boosting your resume, and helping with confidence. You never know where you’ll get your next job tip!

Learn From Experience and Be Confident

When you experience rejection, it’s normal to feel sad, but remember, it’s not the time to shut down. Instead, use this as a learning opportunity. When you actively take the time to learn from experience, you get closer to getting your desired job!

Believe in yourself – it’s the pathway to confidence. Know what you stand for, do an honest assessment of your skills, and what you offer. When you know your worth, it boosts your confidence!

Learn from Optimists

  • Optimists see failure as a learning ground to make them better
  • Optimists recognize the small wins and accomplishments
  • Optimists anticipate good results and are hopeful
  • Optimists possess the grit to face challenges and find out solutions
  • Optimists use phrases such as “I can” and “I will.”
  • Optimists are confident, even during times of frustration
  • Optimists know there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel

Don’t Let Negativity Rob YOU of Joy

I once saw a cartoon that had two kids; one had a more substantial portion of food than the other, but he was obviously dissatisfied. The other kid, with the smaller piece, was beaming with joy – for no other reason than he had something to eat.

The danger of negativity is that it robs you of the opportunity to explore and enjoy life to its fullest. Even if you get your dream job, negativity can take away the joy of that win. Attitude is everything – even in the worst cases, you always have the option to respond positively – you control your life.

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