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You know, if that’s you, just put your hand up. Okay, great, you all have your hands up. Why? Because you’re human beings, and all human beings have moments where they struggle with self-control.

Hi team, it’s me, Christopher Lawrence with I am a career and life coach, and I wanted to ask you a question. Do you have failures of self-control? So this would be like, “I’m trying to establish a new goal, “establish a new habit.” And maybe you’re trying to find a new job but you don’t have a good habit of applying for jobs, that kind of thing. And if that’s you, just put your hand up. Okay, great, you all have your hands up. Why? Because you’re human beings, and all human beings have moments where they struggle with self-control. And so there’s this really cool piece of research that I wanted to bring to your attention. It was written by Angela Duckworth and her cohorts.

What Does Angela Duckworth’s Research Say…

What does Angela Duckworth's Research say?
What does Angela Duckworth’s Research say?

Angela Duckworth is a researcher with the University of Pennsylvania, she is my absolute favorite researcher on earth, and she researches behavior. And her research is called “Beyond Willpower.” “Beyond Willpower: Strategies for Reducing Failures of Self-Control.” So, “Beyond Willpower: Strategies for Reducing Failures of Self-Control.” And inside there there are 22 different tactics, maybe it’s 23, different tactics that you can use to reduce failures of self-control. It talks about everything from cognitive behavioral therapy, to fresh-start framing, and that kind of thing. My absolute favorite one in there is probably fresh-start framing, that’s the one that seems to work really well for me.

What Is Fresh-Start Framing?

What is Angela Duckworth's Fresh-Start Framing?
What is Angela Duckworth’s Fresh-Start Framing?

Fresh-start framing is where you can say, “Okay, I’m trying to establish this habit, “or achieve this goal, “but every time I make an attempt “I seem to fall off the track, “and I’m not sticking with it.” And fresh-start framing is basically like, “Okay, tomorrow’s a new day, I can start tomorrow. “The next hour’s a new hour, I can start the next hour.” Next month, next week, next year, all of those can be fresh-start framing. The cool thing about fresh-start framing is that it’s like hitting the reset button. It’s like hitting the research, the restart button, it could be the research button too. It’s like hitting the restart button on your goal or habit that you’re trying to accomplish. And so you can kind of start all over.

The cool thing about it is the more that you do that fresh-start framing, the more likely it is that whatever you’re trying to achieve will come to fruition, ’cause you’re gonna learn so much. The alternative to that is you step into a goal and you say, “I suck at this,” or “I can’t seem to establish this habit, “and I suck at it, and I feel dumb, “and I’ll never get it figured out.” And so you give up and throw in the towel forever. That seems foolish, right?

So, what I would say is, get back on track as quickly as possible, check out that research by Angela Duckworth. You can also check me out, Christopher Lawrence, Certified Master Coach Practitioner, life and career coach, at Talk to you later, bye

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