Rejection – Are You Asking?

We’re so afraid of rejection and I get it. Hearing no sucks but here’s the thing. If you don’t ask, it’s already a no.

It’s Time For A Raise

It’s time for a raise. Don’t you think? Wouldn’t you like to make more money? Hi, my name is Christopher Lawrence. I am with and I am a career and life coach and I love what I do. I hope you do too. So yeah, is it time for a raise? Is it time for you to ask for a raise? Here’s a couple of tips that I have about how to ask for a raise. One, ask. Why? Why? Less than 50% of people have asked for a raise but when people ask for raise and they do so correctly, there are some things that you can do that I’ll talk about in this video, when you do so correctly, your chances of getting that raise are greater than 80% most of the time so, but most of us don’t ask. We’re so afraid of rejection and I get it. Hearing no sucks but here’s the thing. If you don’t ask, it’s already a no. So if you need to develop the bravery to ask for a raise, you need to reach out to me and you can do that on Click the Contact Us link and our staff will make sure that I get that email from you.

Are You Rejection Proof?

Here’s a couple of other things. Oh, by the way, check out this book. It’s called Rejection Proof and I think the subtitle’s something like 100 days of rejection and how this guy overcame his fear of rejection. His name is Jai Jang J-A-I J-A-N-G, Jai Jang and I believe he’s got a TED Talk too. I read this book a while ago and it is phenomenal and even for me, I’m not super afraid of rejection but even for me I got lots out of that book. So I really encourage you to read it because asking is the first step to receiving. You’re not guaranteed to receive but if you don’t ask, your chances or if you do ask, your chances increase ’cause if you don’t, you get nothing.

Attach It to Something Personal

So a couple of other tips to remember. When you’re asking for a raise, attach it to something personal. Why from a personal perspective do you want that? Remember, companies have budgets. So sometimes it’s not about what you’re worth. Sometimes it’s about what the company can afford to pay you right or wrong and sometimes if you can establish a case of here’s what I do, here’s what that work is worth, if you look at the industry, this is what’s in the industry, if you look at my peers, sometimes we have information about our peers. Careful with that ’cause you can get into lots of trouble for knowing other people’s salaries in a company but if it’s open in your company and that’s something they publish or people talk about then you can use that to your advantage as well and you could say here’s what it is and here’s why I think I should get but also attach it to something personal, for me to achieve my personal goal of buying a condo, going back to school part-time or having a decent retirement or getting a couple of vacations a year, whatever, I’d like to go to Asia for a couple of weeks and I’m gonna need to make more money to make that work, right? Attaching it to something personal actually increases empathy in your employer, not always but often and so that can increase your chances of getting the raise.

Know Your Worth

So connect it to something personal and know your worth. You gotta know what you’re worth in the company and in the industry and here’s the cool part about this. If they say no, don’t run away from the conversation. Stick it out and say okay, no problem, can you tell me what it would take for me to make more money in this company and they might say there’s nothing you can do, this is the way it’s gonna be and you say okay and that’s good information. Now, you can say is it time to find a new job or do I need to learn how to save differently or whatever, right, but also you can, sometimes they say well, honestly the company needs to increase sales and you say okay, great, how can I support that? Maybe there’s something I can do to support that that makes me stand out and makes me raise worthy because the company will be making more money. Sometimes it’s just like oh, you need to meet these competencies and it’s like great, let’s come up with a plan.

Come Up With A Plan

So now you’ve got them on board with a plan to get a raise in a few months or in the next year, whenever they give increments, right? So sometimes they give you enough information that you can actually create exactly what you need and they’re like, well, we need to see more of this and this with you and they might be being very casual about how they say that. You write those things down formally and you say, so what you’re saying is if I do this and this and this, that will get me a raise, right? So you’re asking for a commitment and if they’re like, well, no, it’s not that simple, it’s like, okay, so explain the complexity to me, right, and so I don’t want you to feel pressured, it’s okay if you say no but I really need to understand ’cause if I’m gonna get, if I want more money and for me to get more money, I have to get better then I need your help getting better ’cause I can’t do it so by the time I walk out of this room, I want a development plan that’s gonna put me on track to get where I want. Here’s the cool thing about all this. This might not just be for getting a raise. It might also be for getting a promotion. It might be for getting to work on a certain project. It might be for having them pay for your schooling. It could be a whole bunch of different things, right, and it doesn’t just work at work. It works at home too in your personal life. There’s lots of different things.

The Bottom Line

So remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t receive and let’s post some amazing comments below about things that you asked for that you never thought that’d you ask for and it worked out to your favor or that you heard a no and it worked out somehow anyway and it’s okay if you’re still struggling with asking. Post that below too and let’s offer those people some encouragement. My name is Christopher Lawrence. I’m with and you can reach out to me there. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks very much.

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