How Are You? I’m 1000% Busy.

How are you? I am 1000% busy. In fact, have not been bored since 1999 and I don’t even know what to do with boredom.

How Are You?

Hello, people of the internet. How are you? If you said busy, we’re gonna have a tough conversation today. My name is Christopher Lawrence and I’m with Please do check us out and if you feel like you’re busy, give me a thumbs up or a reaction below or share this post. That would be amazing.

Let’s Talk About The Question “How Are You?”

So I wanna talk to you about this question, how are you? So many of us we kind of do the standard thing. So it’s like an extension of our greeting. We say hello, that’s the greeting and how are you and then our response is just an extension of the greeting. We say good or okay or meh or busy. So here’s the thing. Here’s the problem with that especially that word busy. When people say this, busy is like a new response but it’s so damaging to your mind and your mindset. It’s like, how are you, busy and it’s like, everybody’s freaking busy, right or meh or whatever.

…As Soon As He Said It, Everybody Around Was Uplifted

So here’s the problem. Every time you do that, you send a message to your brain saying that I’m perpetually busy, right and I am. I don’t know about you but I have not been bored since 1999 and I don’t even know what to do with boredom. I have three minutes of boredom and my husband knows because I start annoying him. I’m like laying on the floor saying, I should go back to school, Vince or something like this but anyway, the reason why I’m mentioning this to you is because we need to start to change our response. Do you know the best response I heard to this? It was a long time ago when I was still going to pubs and clubs and that kinda thing. I would ask this one guy who I was aquainted with and I’d be like, hey, how are you and he’d be like, I’m sexy and I thought to myself, now that wouldn’t be appropriate in a workplace by the way but I guess it depends on your workplace, it might be, but the reason why I mention that is because, I mean, it really, as soon as he said it, everybody around was kind of uplifted but so was he. He never kinda gave in to the standard good or meh or I’m okay or I’m busy response, right? It was a really cool and uplifting response.

Say Something Different

So I want you to try this out. This is your homework. I want you to try this out. Say something different. So it’s like, how are you? I’m fantastic, how are you? And maybe you are busy and maybe you are meh but watch what happens when you say it. It’s like, hey, you know what, I’m really good. Even that is different than something else. So try different responses. Watch people’s reactions. Come back, let me know. I’d love to have best reaction ever and actually if we get some people that post some good reactions, put the tag hashtag T-shirt and I’ll send you one of our branded T-shirts in your size. So put the word hashtag T-shirt. We’ll do this for say two weeks after this post goes up. Whatever the, when the original post goes up, we’ll do it for two weeks. So hashtag T-shirt and post your very best reaction from something different than you’d say. Okay, cool, looking forward to it. You can learn more, you can learn more about me, more about me on My name is Christopher Lawrence. Thanks, team. Bye.

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