7 Tips: Why Your 2020 New Years Resolutions Failed

You probably aren’t thinking about your 2020 New Years resolutions anymore but they did matter to you way back in January. Then Covid19 hit but you need to know that it’s NOT TOO LATE to win this year. I’m not kidding!

Even for myself, an experienced Master Coach – I tanked on my goals for 6 and a half months in 2020 and in fact I went backwards on some of them that I had achieved years ago (For example, I put on a lot of weight!). I’m back on track and I’m seeing results. Do yourself a favour and don’t wait until January to kick off your goals!

Support For Getting Your 2020 New Years Resolutions Back on Track

7 Tips: Why Your 2020 New Years Resolutions Failed

I understand that sometimes we can feel stuck and discouraged so feel free to reach out to me if you need a little booster shot. Everyone gets a free strategy session the first time. I want to help. I think sometimes when people read that stuff they think I’m going to sell something… but I’m not that guy. I HATE pushy sales. I sincerely want to help make a difference in your life. If it’s appropriate we talk about ongoing coaching. My first step is to get you value from a call

Okay, how do we get your life and goals back on track so you can win this year? We need to get momentum. Regardless of how you feel, where you are physically, emotionally, geographically, mentally, we need to gain momentum. It’s like pushing a car, the first few steps are hard, but then it gets a little easier and you develop a rhythm.

Quick Tip: Check out Mini Habits by Stephen Guise – this book was a game changer for me this year.

Facts About New Years Resolutions

The facts about New Years Resolutions

First you should know it’s not just Covid19 or 2020. By February in any given year 29% of people have already stopped working on their New Years Resolutions. I remember being in this cycle myself. It sucks because it kills your self confidence. Every year, I would be so ambitious – lose weight (this is the #1 goal by the way), start running, write a book, start a business, ask for a raise, etc. And every year, I would start off right but then lose momentum very quickly. 

Six months from February more than half of the people who set New Years Resolutions will have stopped working on them! Just hearing the numbers is enough to discourage some from even attempting to set goals.  

One joke among my friends is “New Years resolutions are meant to be broken.” One year we even went around the table humorously answering the question “What New Years resolution will you be breaking this year?” While this was funny, it was also disheartening. Goals are important, we set them to achieve something better for ourselves and there is good research on having goals!

We know that people who set New Years resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don’t make New Years resolutions. So how do we keep these resolutions going? Better question… how do we get those resolutions going again, now, today, at the end of November 2020.

That’s just what that issue is about getting those New Years resolutions rocket launched!

7 Quick Steps to Making Your Goals Stick

Here are quick steps that you can take to make your goals stick in 2015.  We call this a “Rocket Launcher” because we don’t want you to think too hard about it.  Your goal is to be imperfect and inspired:

  1. Clearly define the goal you want to win at, start by focusing on just one goal for now.
  2. Break your goal into the smallest possible steps that you can think of, make them so small, so stupidly small that it would be impossible to fail. Examples of this could be to do one push up a day minimum but I can do more if I want or write one sentence a day for my book but I can do more if I want.
  3. Track your progress in simple ways (a check-mark on a calendar will help tremendously
  4. Set up check-ins or accountabilities, get a coach, ask a friend (not a close friend or family member, accountability buddies should always be a little arms length so you feel a bit uncomfortable if you don’t do the task).
  5. Start today (seriously, if your goal is broken down into small small tiny micro itty bitty steps or actions you don’t need to wait).
  6. If you fail at doing something one day, then make the goal smaller and more achievable. Yes, shoot for big stuff, but remember each amazingly big goal starts with the tiniest little steps so make it as small as possible so that no matter what mood you are in or where you are, you can achieve the goal.
  7. Be imperfect and inspired!
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