How to Get The Most Out of a Career Fair

I think a lot of people go into career fairs. And what they do is they come in, they drop off resumes, they hand out business cards, they shake a lot of hands, they fill out applications and then they leave.

Career Fairs Are An Opportunity

Folks! Christopher Lawrence Listen, are career fairs an opportunity, and how do you get the most out of them? Well, actually, I do believe that career fairs are a window of opportunity. See what I did there? Terrible! Terrible! Okay, I’m so sorry about that. But listen, I think a lot of people go into career fairs. And what they do is they come in, they drop off resumes, they hand out business cards, they shake a lot of hands, they fill out applications, and then they leave. But actually, here’s what I would do. If I was going into a career fair. I’d be really particular about what I was going to apply to and where first. So I walk around the whole thing before I’d make a decision. I’d pick two or three places. And then I’d focus on building a relationship with the person behind the counter, meaning or at the booth, meaning I would actually sit there have a conversation with them. I would not worry about telling them much about me, I would ask them about what they do, I’d ask them about their company, I’d ask them about what they liked most about it. Because people like talking about their jobs, I would ask them you know, things about what kinds of candidates they look for, I might even ask them a couple of really light personal based questions. So like you know, do you like your job? Like you know, what’s your favorite part of your job? Right? And I actually like the second question better, what’s your favorite part of your job? Right?

The People Who Make An Impact Are Curious

And the reason why we do this is because actually, everybody else is shaking hands, kissing babies, but they’re not making an impact. And the people who make the most impact are those that are curious. And so especially for you introverts if you really, really struggle with like job fairs, and networking. I really want to just to focus on have three or four or five key questions that you can ask, that are not about the job or the application but something that leaves a lasting, charming impression on the recruiter. I hate to say it, that’s not what recruiting should be based of. But the research shows that people who are charming extroverted, get jobs faster and better than those who are introverted. I know it’s, and it shouldn’t be, but it is our reality. So that’s what I would like you to consider when you are looking at networking or job fairs. Christopher Lawrence Change My Life Coaching. We’ve got more networking tips on our website. Please do check us out, talk to you soon. Bye.

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