Are You Rejecting Yourself?

Are you rejecting yourself?

So you want that raise, you want that job position that’s just opened or you want some mentorship, maybe you even want work to pay for some education but you’re really afraid of getting a no. So you don’t bother asking. Maybe there’s something you don’t understand and you’re afraid of looking stupid. Folks, my name is Christopher Lawrence and I’m with

Rejection… If You Don’t Make Your Ask, It’s Already a No.

The funny thing about this concept of rejection is that if you don’t make your ask, it’s already a no, you’re already rejected. And in that case, you’re rejecting yourself. So what would it be like if actually you chose to honor yourself and not reject yourself? And what if in that case, you chose to make the difficult ask, to actually ask for what you really wanted even though on the other end of it, there might be a no. I think so often people are afraid of hearing no because then they’ll actually get the answer, and that means that they’re forced to make a new decision.

Like let’s say if you really want that promotion and your boss says, no, not a chance. I just don’t see you in that position. Well what might that mean for you? It might mean that you need to go get a new job. You know, you might have to ask your boss, what is it that I need to do to get that position? They might say nothing. You might ask for a raise and they might say, no. Well that might mean that you have to work harder, right?

Some people don’t ask for what they need because they’re afraid of rocking the boat. The problem with not asking for what you want and what you need in your career is that you’re just rocking the internal boat of your own turmoil. You’re rocking the internal boat of your own rumination but you’re still not getting what you need or what you want.

Inspired Action For Today…

So maybe today your inspired action is to go and make the ask you want, now, make it a calculated ask, put together a little bit of a presentation in two or three sentences. You know your boss better than I do but maybe it’s time to actually ask for what you want. You might be surprised at the kinds of things that you can actually get.

I mean, it’s amazing to me, when we do that, the kind of power that we have, the kind of answers that we’ll get. Do not ever assume that your boss or your peers, your coworkers, your spouse, knows that you want anything without you specifically and explicitly asking for it. It’s time for you to be brave folks. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories. Let me know, Christopher Lawrence,


I stop rejecting myself, I stop rejecting myself, I stop rejecting myself.

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