Perception Is Not Reality

Folks, Christopher Lawrence here with Change My Life Coaching. Your perception is not necessarily your reality. What does this have to do with career coaching? Well, I want you to think about your job search. In our job search, especially these days, you might send out like 10, 20, 50, or even 100 resumes and you might not get any feedback at all. You might not get an interview. You might not get a pre-screen. You might not get a job, and so we can start to tell ourselves that we’re not qualified.

We can start to tell ourselves that these companies are stupid. We can start to tell ourselves that maybe we’re not cut out to work anymore. Like geez, I wish I just didn’t have to work anymore. But all of those things are actually just your perception. We don’t know the specific reason why your resume not might not be getting picked up.

Focus On Perception and How You Think About The World

So during this time, if you want to discourage yourself, focus only on your perception and how you think about the world. If you want to encourage yourself, think about it pragmatically and objectively. Like maybe your resume just needs a few tweaks. Maybe you need to brand it in a different way or slice it a different way. Show a different perspective. Maybe if you’re getting interviews but you’re not getting the job, it has nothing to do with whether or not you’re good at what you do. Maybe it just has to do with how you’re presenting yourself.

Think Objectively

So when you’re thinking about perception versus reality in the job search, I really want you to think closely and carefully about taking your time to look at what’s objective. When you think about your perception within a job, let’s look at something like maybe workplace conflict. Maybe you have that coworker that’s always doing something to tick you off or maybe your boss is making decisions without you. And that’s impacting you in a negative way. Any assumptions that you make might be working against you. So you’re gonna make assumptions because that’s how our brains work, is that we make assumptions to simplify things. But that doesn’t mean you’re right.

Check In

So in those cases, remember objectively, that people don’t just wake up in the morning saying I’m gonna make this person’s life miserable. They’re probably just making decisions with the information they have, with how they’re feeling on that day. Maybe even using some of the assumptions that they’ve made themselves about you or your work. Best thing to do is go check in with them and see if there’s something that you can do to add clarity, objectivity and pragmatism are your friends. Assumptions can be helpful with energy, like saving energy in our bodies and brains, but they’re not always accurate.

The Story You Tell Yourself, and What is Actual Fact

So I want you to start to remove your perception from your reality and recognize that they’re two different things. One is the story you tell yourself, the other one is what is actual fact. And remember, you will probably never really see the world the way that it is. You will mostly see the world the way that you are. So if you don’t like the way the world looks, change how you see it. Folks, Christopher Lawrence Changed My Life Coaching. I hope this was helpful.

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