VIDEO: Sensitivity Is Your Superpower

VIDEO: Sensitivity Is Your Superpower | Change My Life Coaching

“You’re too sensitive” is a phrase I heard all too often in my corporate career. And Mayim Bialik’s first comment in this video about the paperclips brought a tear to my eye. I am totally that guy. I buy coloured paperclips, they are metallic coloured paperclips, and sometimes I think about how sad I am … Read more

A Good News Story

A Good News Story | Change My Life Coaching

This is a feel good story. Recently, a young woman reached out to me to share her experience with our website. She is not our client, she simply found our website on Google. She told me a tragic story about how a close family member passed away in a grave and unfortunate circumstance. She has personally … Read more



Worry can cut off the flow of physical and emotional energy that keeps us fully alive. If you sometimes find yourself feeling worried or anxious, I’d like to share some wonderful tips that might help, from writer Martha Beck.  Enjoy! Everywhere I turn these days, people are urging me to worry. “Restaurants are swarming with … Read more

The New Four Letter Word

The New Four Letter Word | Change My Life Coaching

Does your life feel “crazy busy”? I’d like to share an awesome article from with some insight into our crazy…busy world. I have a confession.   I have a new four letter word infiltrating my vocabulary. B.U.S.Y. “I’m busy. I’m crazy busy.” That’s actually what I tell people when they ask me how I … Read more

Chill Out! How To Overcome Burnout

Chill Out! How To Overcome Burnout | Change My Life Coaching

Many of us have had times when we have felt stressed-out, overwhelmed, or maybe even totally burned out.

In this article, author Martha Beck shares some awesome insights and tips about stress and burnout – “Left unchecked, burnout can be lethal. So if you’re anywhere between lightly toasted and totally charred, it’s time to chill. Everything you value will benefit as you learn to keep your cool…”

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What Is Often Overlooked In Our Office

What Is Often Overlooked In Our Office | Change My Life Coaching

As the New Year gets underway, most of us plan and make lists of all of the things we’d like to achieve, accomplish or change. But what we don’t often think about is pausing to celebrate when these things have occurred.  It’s so easy to move along quickly to the next thing – the next … Read more

Love Week 2017 #SpreadLoveWeek

Love Week 2017 #SpreadLoveWeek | Change My Life Coaching

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Phone: 844-910-7111Email: Change My Life Coaching Injects “Love” Into the Workplace CALGARY, AB – February 6, 2017 – At Change My Life Coaching we are thrilled to be joining a global movement called LOVE WEEK! As Valentine’s Day approaches, many lovers are scrambling to find the perfect gift that expresses their love … Read more