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Founded in 2012 by Christopher Lawrence, Change My Life Coaching offers a Whole-Life Coaching approach through personal development, mindful awareness, and practical but inspired action. In times of uncertainty, people look to coaches for guidance. At Change My Life Coaching, we offer expertise, tools, encouragement and support that will guide and empower you to unleash your ability to live the extraordinary life you desire. At Change My Life Coaching, we are here to provide a space that allows you to clear away any distortions in your thinking, and help you connect with the inner you that already knows how to achieve your best life. We’ll provide insight, inspiration, information and support.

Group picture of the Change My Life Coaching Team

Christopher Lawrence

Chief Value Officer & Personal Change Coach

Change My Life Coach - Christopher Lawrence

Kyle Kalloo

Chief Executive Officer, Leadership & Business Coach

Change My Life Coach - Kyle Kalloo

Catherine Munro

Chief of Staff & Joy Facilitator

Catherine Munro, Chief of Staff

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Shayne Lawrence

Creative Services

Shayne Lawrence