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PODCAST: Sugar Links - Insulation, Inflammation and Weight Gain
Published 6/14/2018 by Christopher Lawrence
https://youtu.be/53bCIQpRv4E   Prefer to Read it? Check out the transcription below... Interviewer:Hey everybody! welcome to episode 8 of the sugar chronicles been a while since we've posted one of these. And today we have a very special guest Dr. Mike Breen. Dr. Breen thank you for joining us today. Interviewee:Thank you very much for having me. This is fun. Interviewer:Yeah So, if you would like to tell our listeners a little bit about who you are and what you do? Interviewee:Right on? Interviewer:Yeah. Interviewee:Well I’m a chiropractor I just started my 32nd year of practice which is remarkable. I don't know where the time went but the what's notable about that is that I got into chiropractic work from the kind of a performance athletic side of things. I was a competitive athlete. And so, my background was in the study of human performance and exercise physiology. And all of that stuff got me into the field of... read more ❯

Experiencing Joy
Published 6/14/2018 by Catherine Munro
Being the “Joy Facilitator” for Change My Life Coaching and Change My Business Coaching has given me pause to take note every time the subject of “Joy” and “Happiness” comes up! It is such an interesting study and so unique to us all! Some ideas to share…. Joy and Excitement are not the same thing… As Martha Beck writes..."In our culture the media has influenced us to believe that we derive joy and happiness from experiences that “blow our mind” and it’s as though we're somehow falling short if we don't routinely feel that way." The notion that we should/need to feel excited and enthused most of the time to be happy creates a lot of pressure and unfulfilled expectations. Excitement is a great and necessary thing; without it life wouldn't be complete. But we can’t sustain that state consistently, and high excitement is often followed by a mood crash. Joy, however, is a... read more ❯

Assertiveness – Are we doing it wrong?
Published 6/5/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - John Wooden   How often do you get talked into something you don’t’ want to do?  Do you often experience situations that infuriate, annoy or frustrate you but do absolutely nothing about them? Do you find it difficult to say “no” without being offensive? If so then you are not alone. As children, we were usually reprimanded when we expressed ideas or opinions that differed from our peers or parents. We were effectively taught that revealing our true intentions and feelings or thoughts will result in rejection. Therefore, many people have become intent on pleasing others at the expense of themselves. It has gotten so bad that some cannot identify their personal thoughts and feelings. This is where assertiveness comes in. Assertiveness allows you to clearly communicate your thoughts and intentions without aggression, manipulation or sarcasm, respecting your feelings and those... read more ❯

PODCAST: Finding Your Purpose
Published 5/31/2018 by Christopher Lawrence
https://youtu.be/dkIHBkZuJ6k   Prefer to read it? Check out our transcription below... Darci Smith: Hey everybody welcome to I don't know what episode this is of the pod life, we have a very special guest again today Christopher Lawrence who was with us previously on one of our sugar Chronicles, the gummi whorse issue.   Christopher Lawrence: That was a popular issue   Darci:It was   Christopher:It's still a popular issue, and mine   Darci:It is, highly, we're not talking about sugar today though.   Christopher:That’s right.   Darci:So, I wanted to give you Christopher an opportunity to tell our listeners what you do as a life coach and then we will get into my questions.   Christopher:sure I have three key areas of focus as a life coach, one is on helping people discover the right job fit so whether it's a dream job or just a better job than they have now, helping them discover that or navigate through it, so sometimes they're in that job... read more ❯

Are You With The Right Company? Find Out Now!
Published 5/17/2018 by Christopher Lawrence
"I feel like I'm in the right line of work," he said. "I just don't know if I'm in the right company."  Words I hear all too often which is disheartening for three reasons. #1 This may be a sign that the interviewee has not done their due diligence in ensuring the company is the right company prior to accepting the position. #2 This could indicate that the interviewer did not do a "best-fit" hire, meaning they overlooked ways in which the values of the organization may conflict with your working style or cultural fit. #3 A change has taken place that has not been effectively managed within the organization.   Here is one way to know if you are with the right company? Before we dive in here, let's understand that it's not always about leaving the organization for a better fit but rather finding the reasons to reconnect with your existing company with a... read more ❯

Are You Leading by Your Values?
Published 5/17/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” – Roy E. Disney   Over the years I have worked with several leaders who possess different qualities, strengths and weaknesses. However, one important quality that sets them apart from one another is their ability to lead by their values. As unique as our fingerprints, so too are our values. In the past, discussions often centered on the personality traits of leaders. Recently, the focus has shifted to the ability of leaders to build a foundation of trust and inspire confidence within their team members. As a coach, I strongly believe that the best way a leader can build trust is by striving to lead by their values.  Although not everyone will agree with your ideas or action plans, you will build trust and respect if you lead by a set of consistent values. Authentic leaders lead by their values and irrespective of... read more ❯

Time For Spring Cleaning
Published 5/9/2018 by Catherine Munro
Ahhh – Spring is here!  As the gray and white of winter fades, new life is blooming all around us!  The birds are singing, the trees are budding, the streets are being cleaned….and the urge to purge in your home may be coming up for you! I have recently become an “empty-nester”. It has become abundantly clear that I have a ton of “stuff” that has collected over the years that I…Don’t…Need!  I think we all long for a space around us where we feel peaceful and we can thrive.  But it can also feel like a very daunting task to tackle all of the objects that are currently residing in that “space”. As writer Martha Beck shares “I’m one of those people who gradually accumulates possessions until their living spaces begin to feel stuffed up.  Folks like me sustain an ongoing attempt to spring clean, but something in us always protests. ... read more ❯

4 Social Signals to Communicating Better
Published 5/9/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
We all want it, we get into disagreements over it, and it makes a difference in our workplace and personal relationships; communication – it truly is the core of what we want. Effective communication is more than just passing a message across -  it involves helping the recipient understand and act on the message. The weight of effective communication isn’t just on the shoulders of great leaders, it is an integral part of an evolving social process for everyone. Mastering the art of communication includes being attuned to subtle social signals and these reveal a lot more than words alone. Interestingly, research has revealed that facial and other nonverbal expressions play a huge part in conveying meaning much more than words do.  In fact, researchers point out that social signals are a significant, but mostly uncharted, communication channel. Unfortunately, our ability to detect social context in communication has deteriorated over the... read more ❯

Avoid Being a Workaholic - 5 Tips to Work Less and Get Ahead
Published 5/3/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
Getting ahead means putting in more hours, taking on more projects and making work your life, right? No, according to career coaches. Workaholics tend to burn out fast usually neglecting the very things they need to do to achieve success. At business conferences you often hear expressions such as “My work is my life,” “I’m married to my work.” Despite the obvious downside our society celebrates obsessive work ethics and is it often viewed as evidence of an individual’s commitment to work, a project or start-up idea. However, research has shown that being a workaholic actually makes you less productive, although you might feel and are ‘busy’. Workaholics usually have “being busy” in common instead of “being productive”. All that busy work isn’t necessarily your life’s work. Productivity can be tied to nutrition and being happy. And happy people are more focused, which leads to being productive; receive higher evaluation for... read more ❯

Be the BEST Candidate: The #1 BEST Question to ask an Interviewer
Published 5/3/2018 by Christopher Lawrence
Last week one of my clients blew me away with a question they asked to an interviewer. As a career coach I spend many hours coaching clients through the interview process. I often hear my clients struggle with the section of the interview where the interviewer says "Do you have any questions for us?" So many candidates miss the opportunity that is presented during this very important section of the interview. So before I get to the BEST question you can ask an interviewer, here are some of the basics.   The Basics Asking questions is an opportunity for you to continue to sell yourself.  When you ask good questions, the right questions, interviewers begin to understand your values and what is important to you. You can make yourself stand out or sabotage the interview depending on what you ask.  Of course you never ask about breaks, vacation, salary, time off (even if it's... read more ❯

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