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[VIDEO ARCHIVES] How does culture affect weight gain/loss?
Published 1/16/2019 in Healthy Transformations
Author Christopher Lawrence
Check out this helpful video from our archives.   https://youtu.be/AHy1Q9HUQNI   Hosted by Dr. Mike Breen of the Chiropractic Family Care Centre, and Certified Master Coach, Christopher Lawrence. Did you know that 95 to 98% of people who lose weight put it all back on within 12 months? Did you know that studies conducted in 2015 say that if you are “normal” weight in Canada you are now in the minority? These means that more than 50% of Canadians are considered overweight or obese. Because of this the weight loss journey can sometimes be discouraging, heart-breaking, and frustrating! Who should you listen too? Who has the right science and the right program? We have a proven track record of helping our clients lose weight and keep it off with the Healthy Transformations Weight Loss Lifestyle Program. What makes this program different is that we look at both the science and the behaviour of eating and food,... read more ❯
TESTIMONIAL - Best Investment Ever!
Published 1/10/2019 in Healthy Transformations
Author Christopher Lawrence
Joining the Healthy Transformations Program was the best investment in my health that I have ever made.  It helped me to understand the science behind food, how it affects my body, and how our culture influences behaviours and habits around eating.  It gave me the confidence to handle social situations and, for the first time ever, I no longer stress over food.  I have more energy, sleep better, have better moods and, best of all there is no more painful inflammation in my body.  Like many others, I had tried and failed at other weigh loss programs and went into this one with a healthy dose of skepticism, but within the first month, I knew that I was participating in something completely different and I knew that this program was unique.  I could not recommend the Healthy Transformations Program highly enough for anyone who is looking for lasting health. ~MV read more ❯
Little Things That Make A Big Difference
Published 1/9/2019 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Catherine Munro
Happy New Year everyone! As we start off a New Year, I think most of us take the time to ponder and envision the things that are important to us.  Some call them resolutions, or goals, or plans – whatever resonates for you – but they are all about what and where we want to put our focus and precious energy this year. Recently, I was in the company of a group of amazing ladies as we discussed life, what works, what doesn’t and what makes us feel better and how to make that happen going forward! We all had common complaints: lack of sleep, waking up in the night and trying to solve all of our challenges – real and perceived (and realizing the list is very long!); wanting everyone in our lives to be well and thriving, and the lengths we will go to try to make that happen, sometimes to... read more ❯
The 3 Types of Resumes: Which is Right For You!
Published 1/8/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
As a job seeker, writing a great resume involves different stages. There’s the initial planning, deciding keywords, identifying formats, listing of accomplishments, and finishing up with the style and design. All of these stages are crucial to writing a great resume and the order in which they are approached can contribute greatly to the quality of your resume.  One of the most important decisions to make when writing a great resume is to determine the format or structure. The content and format of the resume must align with the candidate and the industry. When it comes to resume format, there are three main types widely regarded as the most effective by HR experts globally. This blog post will evaluate these resume formats and also discuss how they should be utilized. The three best resume formats are as follows: Chronological Format Functional Format Combination Format Let's talk about each of them. CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME This... read more ❯
Client Profile - Kyle
Published 1/4/2019 in Healthy Transformations
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please meet our funny-guy Kyle. He is still losing some weight today. read more ❯
Client Profile - Catherine
Published 1/3/2019 in Healthy Transformations
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please meet Catherine. She had a health scare in 2017 and was happy to join in 2018. No more health scares! read more ❯
Why Everyone Should Eat More Plants
Published 1/3/2019 in Healthy Transformations
Author Christopher Lawrence
Heart disease is American’s number one killer, closely followed by cancer killing one out of every four in the United States alone. To further bring things into perspective more than 70% of Americans are overweight or obese and by 2030 it’s predicted that a whopping 50% of Americans will be pre-diabetic or diabetic. Crazy right?  What has happened to us? There are several factors responsible, but the biggest contributor is our diet. At present, 94% of the caloric intake of the typical American is essentially empty without any form of nourishment. Just about 6% of calories coming from vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, seeds, and legumes. What should we be eating? Eating a variety of unprocessed vegetables, especially leafy greens, is vital to maintaining a healthy diet. Some countries are already adopting this diet. Eating a plant-based diet (this does not necessarily mean vegan or vegetarian but rather primarily plant based diet... read more ❯
[VIDEO] Do You Need This Candidate - Highly Skilled Professional Admin
Published 1/2/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please check out this candidate profile. Karmal is a highly skilled professional Administrator and Executive Assistant. You can read the transcript below as well. https://youtu.be/d7iQoRTsNys Transcript Karmal - I think for me is I enjoy the research and the analytical background stuff. Christopher - So Karmal, what is your chosen profession? Karmal - So my last career was an executive assistant, so I'm very versed in administrative side of things, and the computer side of things, and I'm looking to move into more of an analyst and that sort of position from where I was before. Christopher - What's interesting actually and I can say this much easier than you can is it's much easier to brag about your friends skills than your own. When Karmal and I went to college together, Karmal had a 4.0 meaning that every single class that we had she got an A in. And what's really incredible about this is the... read more ❯
Client Profile - Sandra
Published 1/2/2019 in Healthy Transformations
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please meet Sandra. She said "I didn't know I was going to get a new brain"! read more ❯
Client Profile - Shane
Published 1/1/2019 in Healthy Transformations
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please meet Shane and congratulate him on his success! 🙂 read more ❯
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