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The Power of Perseverance for Leaders & Business Owners
Published 4/20/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
“The ultimate measure of a man (leader/business owner) is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.   Picture this; you talk to ten potential investors to invest in your new startup and they all turn you down. You go on marketing calls for one week and no one is interested in buying your product or service. You lose two of your most valued employees in the same week. These are some of the things that could happen in the extremely competitive business world. However, your drive, ambition, persistence and most important of all PERSEVERANCE will help you to stay focused when adversity strikes. We usually talk about leadership in terms of the knowledge and skills needed to become more proficient. This goes hand-in-hand for business owners too, most of which can be developed with coaching... read more ❯

PODCAST: WAKE UP! Listen! Redefine Success Then Find It - The Curious Monki Podcast
Published 4/19/2018 by Christopher Lawrence
Check out the interview I had with Veronica Thai with the Curious Monki Podcast.   https://youtu.be/LrPSGS-VCiw         The Interview Transcription Veronica: Hi everybody thank you so much for tuning in. Before we start todays episode I wanted to drop a message and let you know that Christopher Lawrence, does provide us with a promo code for free life coaching session with him, near the end of the episode. I wanted to give you a heads up because I definitely do not want you to miss out. Alright here we go. Hello beautiful souls you are listening to the Curious Monki Podcast, where you are invited to join me a curious nugget, as I go on a journey to dive deep and learn about the world of yoga, as well as everything in and around it. Poses, teacher training, super cool topics like energy healing, and crystal balls, you’ll hear it all. I’m your host Veronica Thai,... read more ❯

The Power of Disconnection
Published 4/12/2018 by Catherine Munro
We all value connection in our lives – I know I do!  While keeping up with phone messages, emails, texts, work, family and friends takes up a big part of our lives, taking some time for ourselves - a little disconnection - is as necessary as connection for creating a healthy, happy life.  We often can run out of steam, and our body lets us know – in a variety of ways – when it’s time to disconnect. In my last blog, I promised some thoughts around this notion of “disconnection”.  A little rest, relaxation, reprieve goes a long way!  I’d like to share an article with you by Martha Beck which describes some helpful approaches and strategies to consider when you next feel the need to disconnect. http://marthabeck.com/2011/12/logging-off-the-power-of-disconnection/ read more ❯

Change My Life Coaching & Change My Business Coaching Announces Changes of Senior Leadership
Published 4/10/2018 by Change My Life Coaching
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Phone: 844-910-7111 Email: info@changemylifecoaching.ca   CALGARY, AB – April 10, 2018– It is with great pleasure that we announce that Christopher  Lawrence, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Change My Life Coaching & Change My Business Coaching will now assume the role of Chief Value Officer with a focus on the establishment of value-based initiatives for both clients and the organization.  The former Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer, Kyle Kalloo takes over this leadership role as the new CEO, effective immediately. These changes are part of the company’s significant growth plan that will help their clients and the organization be positioned to evolve and be responsive.   “Our company has experienced significant growth in the last 2 years. And with more local corporations reaching out to us for leadership and employee workshops, we need to ensure our programs and services are valued-based. Christopher’s capacity to see what’s missing and to... read more ❯

Remember Your Future, Not Your Past
Published 4/5/2018 by Christopher Lawrence
Dr. Patrick Gentempo sends out an email once a week called "Flash Friday's". These usually have a thought provoking quote written by him.  Here is one of his Flash Friday's that really impacted me: Achievement as a byproduct of a specific purpose, requires a vivid memory... not of the past, but who you are in the image of a future you choose to create. If you can clearly remember who you are in that future, you will set attractors there and bring it into reality. This quote is profound in the sense that Gentempo is asking us to create a future that is so vivid in our minds that we can remember it as if it were the past.  A memory of our own future, if you will. And by doing this, when you may feel lost you can draw upon this memory, rather than a fantasy or a wish that may... read more ❯

Hello world!
Published 3/31/2018 by Healthy Transformation
Welcome to Change My Life Coaching. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! read more ❯

Why Behavioural Styles Matters for Future Leaders
Published 3/26/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
The evaluation of behavioural styles plays a crucial role in the selection process of effective leaders including CEOs and top executives. In the 21st century ― and especially for the future―we want leaders who can manage people, engage the workforce, and inspire innovation and collaboration. Therefore, there is an urgent need to understand leadership behaviours, because it influences the effectiveness of a leader. Leaders make business decisions and implement strategies based on their innate drives and their behavioural style. Our priorities also affect how we react to the people we work with. It is no longer sufficient to select leaders based on their prior successes or capability alone. It is true that previous successes and experience remain vital, but more is required from today’s leaders. Today’s leaders must contend with global diversity in the workplace, new technologies, as well as economic, environmental and political instability. In decades past we used to... read more ❯

3 Golden Rules for Mastering the Art of Workplace Feedback
Published 3/22/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
In the workplace, feedback comes in many forms. Quarterly reviews, big client reviews, and most importantly: daily feedback between team members. More often than not, this process has the potential to create animosity between business owners, employees, and clients. As a leader, you don’t have the luxury of not giving feedback – it’s important that employees know how they are doing. The common practice of “no news is good news” needs to change. No matter what industry you call home, much of our working world revolves around performance and growth in the workplace. It’s that reason alone that has every business looking to give and receive feedback, no matter what format they choose to facilitate feedback with. It’s inevitable. So, stop trying to escape the inevitable. Instead, transform your approach and remove the negative connotation associated with the word ‘feedback’. Feedback in the workplace is important. The process creates a timeline to... read more ❯

You Are Being Manipulated: Tony Robbins and Other 'Information Sellers'
Published 3/22/2018 by Christopher Lawrence
Let me start by saying I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tony Robbins and other Information Sellers. I believe that much of what they do can work, if it is applied correctly over a sustained period of time. In fact, I have purchased three Information Sellers products and seen value in them. So this article is intended to be a "Buyer be ware" and keep your emotions in check! Information Seller: A professional who is selling you information, usually on how you can make more money in an easy way. Examples include: "Buy my program and you will sell even more houses", "Invest in this three day course and you will change your life forever", "My marketing program will teach you how to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes every consultant makes", etc. But here is the problem. Information Sellers get you into their program and then they want to keep you... read more ❯

5 Ways People Pleasing Can Affect Your Leadership
Published 3/15/2018 by Kyle Kalloo
Are you a people pleaser? Difficult to really tell? If you hurriedly came to the answer you most likely ended up saying no. However, think back to the last time someone put you down over something you did or were responsible for. Did it feel great? Most of us who believe that we are nothing close to being a people-pleaser can also feel the need to want to be nice and please people most times. Many leaders tend to not be aware of their tendencies to please people. People pleasing can undermine your ability to effectively lead. To be candid, people pleasers hardly reach the peak of their leadership potential. Although most people do not intentionally set out to be people pleasers, they slip into the behaviour innocently and albeit unknowingly. Most cases, in a bid to please an aggrieved few or look out for the minority, you may end up compromising over and over... read more ❯

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