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How I Help Series Part 3 of 3: Not Winning At Life?
Published 8/31/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please listen to the recording or read the transcription. TRANSCRIPT: How do I help someone who doesn’t feel like they’re succeeding in most of their life? Hello my name is Christopher Lawrence. I’m a career and whole life coach with Change My Life Coaching, and I’m going to give you an example of this. I’m going to talk about Luke. Luke was 36 years old when he came to me, and was in a job that was very unstable. It was project work, it was cyclical, and as a result of that they ended up laying off a good chunk of the company, every 6 months. Luke had been told most of his life that he was lazy. Luke is diabetic and was overweight, didn’t have many friends, and was missing some basic life skills like budgeting, and house cleaning skills. Initially when Luke came to me I couldn’t get him... read more ❯
How Do I Help Series Part 2 of 3: Never Had Job Satisfaction?
Published 8/17/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please listen to the recording or read the transcription. TRANSCRIPT: How do I help someone who has never been satisfied with their job? Hello my name is Christopher Lawrence. I’m a career and whole life coach with Change My Life Coaching. I’m going to give you an example of how I helped someone, who has never been satisfied with their job. I recently had a client her name was Jenny she was 30 years old, she was never satisfied with the kind of work she had. She complained a lot about her boss, the company, and her co-workers. Despite the complaining though Jenny did work hard, she was very detail oriented but she just couldn’t find satisfaction. Now Jenny took a lot of extra courses and certifications, and the reason why she did this was because she was constantly looking for satisfaction, and she thought maybe that would bring it to her.... read more ❯
Living Beyond Fear
Published 7/27/2017 in Catherine Munro
Author Catherine Munro
I have known for a very long time (decades) that I have been caught up in a loop of the same fear thought…always playing in the background - over and over.  I felt like I was wearing a heavy cloak of shame with this worry.  I pondered, fretted, shared with the occasional friend, woke up in the night and chewed on it…but never, ever experienced relief. For some reason, all those years ago, this fear hooked in to a part of me.  It felt horribly uncomfortable, but rather than have compassion – I judged – harshly judged myself. And with every judgement, that thought seemed to take a stronger hold!  With no resolution ever occurring, I went into some kind of denial limbo, trying to numb or outrun this feeling.  To no avail.  I had many years of this same, dull, aching, sinking feeling. And then it happened!  My fear was about... read more ❯
Corporate Culture: Mongrel or Deliberate Approach?
Published 7/25/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Written by Catherine Munro & Christopher Lawrence   What is the point of a Corporate Culture? Actually, this is almost a rhetorical question because corporate culture exists all the time. The question should be “What is the point of being deliberate about your Corporate Culture?” The point is this… all companies have a culture. The more deliberate they can be about that culture the more likely they can increase the execution of company values, the connection of employees to the corporate vision and increase overall job satisfaction and retention. We all know of Corporations (WestJet, Google, Apple) who have put much thought and effort into designing a corporate culture that provides purpose in the office, aligning every employee’s decisions with a simple, collective vision. Having a clearly articulated vision that is prominently communicated to everyone we work with cultivates an intentional culture – an environment where people know why they do what they do, and... read more ❯
Who’s Managing the Manager – the series
Published 7/25/2017 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Many of my Executive clients want to learn how to become a better manager/leader as well as how to efficiently lead their organization. Often times, we discuss the copious amount of resources available to them about how to manage and lead the front-line employees, however, not a lot of great resources are out there on managing up – your manager. We all have a manager and we all report to someone in some capacity. The life coaches in our organization have been asking me to put together a series of blogs dedicated to tips and tricks to help their clients manage their manager.  Over the next couple months, I will be specifically offering some insights on how to best manage your manager.   Purpose of a Manager There are many statistics out there worth researching, identifying that seventy-four percent (74%) of employees complain that their manager treats them disrespectfully by not being mindful... read more ❯
Top 4 Reasons Coaching Is Right for Your Business
Published 7/24/2017 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Many will encourage you to start your own business. Why? Because you are passionate, and even great at something. What they don’t tell you about is the work that is involved in staying relevant, how to grow your business to avoid stagnation, and having access to expertise. If your business is over 5 years old or even getting close to that, it will start feeling real and a bit overwhelming. Business coaching will allow you to connect your business with the potential customers, challenge your actions and perceptions, and to formulate a goal-oriented positive path towards success. With the help of a coach, you can set more rewarding and larger goals. A coach will not only provide you with support but also a strategic plan to achieve your goals. Three main features of coaching allow your business to have a competitive edge: Synergy: The coach and client form a team to focus on goals... read more ❯
How I Help Series Part 1 of 3: Laid Off or Hate Your Job?
Published 7/24/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please listen to the recording or read the transcription.   TRANSCRIPT: How do I help someone who gets laid off or hates their line of work? Hello my name is Christopher Lawrence. I’m a career and Whole Life Coach with Change My Life Coaching. I’m going to give you one example of a client who actually meets both of these situations. Kim came to me in her early 20’s, she was in her first career in a not for profit organization. Her area of speciality was communications and marketing. She was pretty unhappy with her job and regretted her degree. Kim and I worked together for about 6 months. Being millennial her expectations were quite high, and to feel significant is important to the millennial generation. So what I mean by that is millennials want to know they’re contributing to something meaningful, they don’t want to do work just for work sake. It’s... read more ❯
Published 7/13/2017 in Catherine Munro
Author Catherine Munro
  “So here’s the story: After a lifetime of hand-copying ancient texts, an elderly monk became abbot of his monastery. Realizing that for centuries his order had been making copies of copies, he decided to examine some of the monastery’s original documents. Days later, the other monks found him in the cellar, weeping over a crumbling manuscript and moaning, “It says ‘celebrate,’ not ‘celibate!'  (https://marthabeck.com/2013/07/stop-regretting-decisions/)  Ah, regret...I think we can all relate! Recently I was with a group of my childhood girlfriends.  We were reminiscing and the subject of regrets came up - “I wish I would have opened that yoga studio all those years ago!” “Why did I invest in that property? that investment?”  “I should have travelled more when I had the chance.” “Why did I stay at that job so long?” “What if I’d married ______? -  my life would be so different now.” There we were - reliving old mistakes... read more ❯
Resumes, Extinct?
Published 6/30/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Could the traditional resume be dead? That day may be fast approaching. Day after day with my clients, I consistently approach the resume as a minimum standard requirement for the job search. While at the same time, the resume is becoming less and less useful when you are applying against 100 to 400 candidates. Recently, Allison Swelin posted an article on LinkedIn called R.I.P. Resume’s where she said that it’s time for resume’s to go the way of the dodo. Swelin writes, “A resume rarely tells us about the human, even worse is when you get a cover letter that is just a regurgitation of the “job requirements” and they’ve missed the opportunity to share a story with a hook. Often, googling the candidate to find the ‘story’ is more worthwhile.” Truthfully, I don’t completely disagree with Swelin’s assessments; however, it must be made clear that the initiative to kill resumes cannot come from... read more ❯
Management of Change – Communicating Difficult Change
Published 6/23/2017 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Capability to Change Most people struggle with communicating difficult change.  The good news though, is that our capability to change is really high!  When we are forced into change (even if it’s unpleasant) we find a way to adapt and make it work, don’t we?  This is because we have the need to survive!  It’s built right into us.  We might do this kicking and screaming, fighting it the whole way, but inevitably we will adapt.   Think about your value system and something in your own life that required you to change in an instant.  Maybe you were going to lose a job or got a big bill payment coming up, or maybe a bad relationship.  Did you stay stuck or did you get through it?  Usually the change came from some kind of discomfort about staying where you once were.  That is what we are trying to do - to provide... read more ❯
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