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The New Four Letter Word
Published 5/3/2017 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Catherine Munro
Does your life feel “crazy busy”? I’d like to share an awesome article from TUT.com with some insight into our crazy…busy world. I have a confession.   I have a new four letter word infiltrating my vocabulary. B.U.S.Y. “I’m busy. I’m crazy busy.” That’s actually what I tell people when they ask me how I am. Of course, the more I tell people how busy I am, the more I buy into it. The faster the pace, the more overwhelmed and anxious I become. Lately, I’ve felt rushed and frenzied. I can feel myself spinning my wheels and becoming disconnected. I’m SO busy. But here’s the real transparent confession: I think I like telling people that I’m busy. It means I’m doing something, and doing something means I must be important. If I’m doing and serving, then I’m valuable. Consequently, if I’m not doing (aka: not busy), then I must not be valuable or successful. Having... read more ❯
Change My Life Coaching Appoints Catherine Munro Chief of Staff
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Phone: 844-910-7111 Email: info@changemylifecoaching.ca   CALGARY, AB – May 2, 2017– Change My Life Coaching proudly announces the appointment of Catherine Munro as its Chief of Staff and Joy Facilitator. Catherine’s role as Chief of Staff is to give Executive Support to our CEO and COO. Catherine has the ability to build strong and trusted relationships, cultivating a culture of collaboration and appreciation. She is the go-to resource for the senior team to lead key corporate initiatives and to get special projects done which promote and support our corporate goals, mission and vision, as well as managing the day-to-day of the executive office. Catherine is the principal Facilitator for a wide range of initiatives – the most recent being “The Happiness Jar” and “Love Week”.  Her duties in the Chief of Staff role are varied and ever-changing as the Company grows and thrives. CEO, Christopher Lawrence says “We have a very intentional environment that... read more ❯
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for Job Discovery is Irresponsible
Published 5/1/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
First let me say I am a huge fan of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for understanding personality types and working styles. I absolutely abhor using it or any other assessment to provide clients with a list of job titles to sort through. Junior High and High Schools that are using MBTI or similar types of tools are completely discouraging and disabling the younger generation. Career counselors that use this are sometimes providing tens or hundreds of job titles based on a personality test. Many of the times the career counselor doesn’t even know what half of the job titles mean – how could they, there are so many! What is MBTI? “The MBTI is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions.” (Wikipedia) It was developed by Carl Jung a Swiss psychologist/psychoanalyst. The tool is extremely helpful in understanding, generically, how... read more ❯
Multi-Level Marketing: Do This Or Quit
Published 5/1/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Is A Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Business Right For You? Personally, I have previously been a part of two MLM style organizations. They are tough organizations to make a living in and the large majority (more than 95% to 98%) of their salespeople (business owners, reps, consultants – whatever they might be called in that organization) close their business within the first 5 years. What is an MLM? Wikipedia describes it best, “Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a controversial, pyramid-shaped marketing strategy.” There are many challenges with this type of organization, but I am not totally against them. For me, it gave me a taste of selling, marketing and running a business. While in the end it wasn’t for me, it did help me in understanding growth, marketing, rejection, and the importance of repeatability. When is it right? Below are my eight criteria for anyone who is... read more ❯
Change My Life Coaching’s Kyle Kalloo Appointed President of BNI
CALGARY, AB – April 25, 2017 – Change My Life Coaching proudly congratulates Kyle Kalloo, Chief Operating Officer and Business Coach, on his appointment to President of BNI (Business Network International) Vibe.  The BNI Vibe chapter is the local organization representing Calgary and surrounding communities. With two decades of experience in senior management positions, Kyle has established a robust record in leadership, people skills, communication, innovative problem solving abilities and capacity to work well under pressure.  Kyle provides Executive, Business and Systems coaching to Change My Life Coaching’s business clients. “Kyle’s proven leadership and strategic thinking make him a natural fit in getting the BNI team to their goal of being a million-dollar Chapter” – Christopher Lawrence, CEO of Change My Life Coaching. Kyle is well regarded as confident, approachable, transparent and hands-on and going well beyond the status quo in every task he undertakes.  In short, his measure of success is through results.  This... read more ❯
Where are we spending the best part of our lives?
Published 3/15/2017 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
The best part of our lives is spent at work. When we look back at the age when we first entered the workforce, some of us might have been around fifteen or so.  And when we look forward to retirement, most of us will be around sixty-five.  With that said, that is about fifty years of our lives spent in the workforce. If you are anything like me, you might have worked for a few different companies throughout the years, working with many different people; coworkers, supervisors, managers, and leaders in that time. And each person is unique in who they are and their personalities.  So, how do we connect with each other over the long-haul? How do we find common ground or acceptance of our individual contributions towards a team and corporate culture? We need a way to connect, to understand, and to create happy memories working together within... read more ❯
Chill Out! How To Overcome Burnout
Many of us have had times when we have felt stressed-out, overwhelmed, or maybe even totally burned out. In this article, author Martha Beck shares some awesome insights and tips about stress and burnout – “Left unchecked, burnout can be lethal. So if you’re anywhere between lightly toasted and totally charred, it’s time to chill. Everything you value will benefit as you learn to keep your cool…” You wake up almost as tired as when you fell asleep, four hours ago. After hitting the snooze button twice, you stumble to the kitchen and chug a quart of coffee. It doesn’t help. Your face in the mirror looks like the child you might have had with Voldemort. You can barely squeeze into your last-resort “fat pants.” Getting your kids off to school feels like climbing Everest; driving to the job you once loved, an uphill slog to the salt mines. You dread interacting with... read more ❯
What Is Often Overlooked In Our Office
Published 2/13/2017 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Catherine Munro
As the New Year gets underway, most of us plan and make lists of all of the things we’d like to achieve, accomplish or change. But what we don’t often think about is pausing to celebrate when these things have occurred.  It’s so easy to move along quickly to the next thing – the next idea, the next project, the next goal without stopping to really feel and appreciate those great moments. I work with an incredible team of Coaches that, day-in and day-out are driven to help and support their clients.  And I get to see how happy our clients are after a session! With that in mind, I came across an awesome idea from one of my favourite go-to’s – Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. She said “Understand that without marking special days through rituals, humans can become lost — to the point where every day, or even every year,... read more ❯
Love Week 2017 #SpreadLoveWeek
Published 2/13/2017 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Catherine Munro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Phone: 844-910-7111 Email: info@changemylifecoaching.ca   Change My Life Coaching Injects “Love” Into the Workplace CALGARY, AB – February 6, 2017 – At Change My Life Coaching we are thrilled to be joining a global movement called LOVE WEEK! As Valentine’s Day approaches, many lovers are scrambling to find the perfect gift that expresses their love and feelings for their special person.  Several years ago the folks at Mindvalley Academy decided that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day just for lovers and came up with an experiment, which has now turned into a global movement, of injecting love into the workplace. “After all, why shouldn’t the place where we spend the majority of our waking hours be filled with more connection, joy, and happiness?” says Vishen Lakhani, Founder and CEO of Mindvalley.   Studies have shown that better connections at work increases productivity, and the growth of the company improves. When we make love and... read more ❯
The Life and Death of New Year’s Resolutions
Published 2/6/2017 in Change My Life Coaching
As 2017 started you likely got your sights set on all the ways this year would be better. You told yourself you would commit to a new workout plan. You would start eating healthier. You would read more. You would travel. You would finally start that new business. The "New year, new you" mentality took over and January 1 became this magical day of rebirth–until reality set in. A University of Scranton study says that January 15th is the beginning of the end for New Year’s resolutions. By this day as many as 71 percent have given up on the commitment for a new change. Further of their statistics show that by February 9th another 21 percent have dropped off, leaving only 8 percent of all people setting resolutions go on to achieve success. Why do so many people fail to follow through with their resolutions? There are a number of factors... read more ❯
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