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How Do I Help Someone Who Has Never Had Job Satisfaction?
Published 12/2/2016 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Listen using the above player, or read the transcript below. How do I help someone who has never been satisfied with their job? Hello my name is Christopher Lawrence. I’m a career and whole life coach with Change My Life Coaching. I’m going to give you an example of how I helped someone, who has never been satisfied with their job. I recently had a client her name was Jenny she was 30 years old, she was never satisfied with the kind of work she had. She complained a lot about her boss, the company, and her co-workers.  Despite the complaining though Jenny did work hard, she was very detail oriented but she just couldn’t find satisfaction. Now Jenny took a lot of extra courses and certifications, and the reason why she did this was because she was constantly looking for satisfaction, and she thought maybe that would bring it to... read more ❯
We Need Your Help to Make a Christmas Miracle Happen
Published 11/23/2016 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Who do you know that is struggling this year and needs a Christmas Miracle?  This year Vocare Hair Studio is looking to help someone in need over the Christmas Season!  Because Vocare Hair Studio is doing this, Change My Life Coaching has decided to provide all Vocare Hair Studio clients with the gift of a motivational strategy session.  All you have to do is book your next hair appointment with Monique Chernecki and she will provide you with a promotional code to schedule something with us so we can all achieve even more of our dreams!   This year at Vocare Hair Studio we are looking to help an individual in need within our community. We would like to offer this special individual a full hair transformation for FREE! We know that during this holiday season there is so much more they may need and would love to bring other local businesses together... read more ❯
Published 11/23/2016 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Marcus Richter
OR MAYBE NOT? IS IT ECONOMICALLY USEFUL TO ORGANIZE A STAFF CHRISTMAS PARTY? WHAT CONNECTS OLD SCROOGE OF THE CHRISTMAS CAROL WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY? IT WASN’T TOO LATE FOR HIM TO CHANGE, IT’S NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO START PLANNING!   It is this time of year again: Halloween is over, it is socially acceptable to listen to Christmas songs and retails stores are slowly decorating themselves into Christmas mood.  Since about mid-August, professional event planners and event agencies are organizing Christmas and year-end events of their clients – if you want the best for your employees and clients, you have to start early! But let me take one step ahead: It is not too late! If you want it, you can still organize a respectable celebration for your company.   Before all planning starts, the question arises, do you need a Christmas celebration at all? What benefit is a year-end celebration... read more ❯
Why Hire A Business Coach?
Published 8/16/2016 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Kyle Kalloo
Coaching is NOT Just for the Athletes in Rio at the Olympic Games. The reasons why you need to hire a business coach. Why hire a business coach? I am often asked that question, more times than I can count. My answer is pretty simple; because most successful businesses that are interested in long term growth and development have a business coach. And if they don’t, they have someone who is absolutely savvy in all five key areas of any business – employee engagement, operations, marketing, sales, and financials. As a business owner, the goal is to keep moving forward. But sometimes you find yourself and your business stuck. What happens when you’re stuck in a pattern and can’t get out? Business Coaches don’t have the luxury of not providing feedback, or tip-toeing around the real issues that are getting in the way of growing your business. We are pretty good at... read more ❯
Navigating Back on Track
Published 7/8/2016 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Sometimes life can throw us off the path that we expect to travel. This tends to happen more than expected in our lives. For the past couple of months I got detoured by situations in my life so much that I couldn’t concentrate on the things I wanted to work on. It was around this time that I saw the benefits of checking in with Christopher in my coaching sessions. In our first session at the beginning of the year we agreed that we would explore my future career aspects. A few months have gone by and it’s only now that we started talking about my career. But I’m far from disappointed. I had things that came up in my life that needed to be addressed. These far outweighed my need to talk about career aspects. Christopher noticed how distressed I was and took the time to coach me through how I was... read more ❯
A Practice in Listening to My Voice
Published 7/8/2016 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do, but a couple of weeks ago I chose not to take Christopher’s advice. I found myself caught up in a relationship I had not quite experienced before. Typically when being romantically involved with someone the days seem a bit brighter, people around you seem happier and everything is just swell because thinking about this person leaves a big, dumb smile on your face and you know that person is equally as obsessed with you. Everything feels great. This is called the honeymoon phase. And I did not have such an experience with this new guy. Three months had gone by together with him and I got no warm, fuzzy feeling in my chest.  Not only that, I kept thinking about who else was out there… specifically my ex-boyfriend. Three years ago my relationship with my ex ended due to the unfortunate circumstance that... read more ❯
Opening Up to Life’s Little Treasures
When we take the risk to try something new we hope for certain outcomes to happen. No one hopes to end up a failure, embarrass themselves or just simply waste their time. Sometimes we get so caught up in our hopes and dreams, we forget to just experience and live in the moment. The problem is when we attach ourselves to our expectations. We scribble our expectations down with permanent ink leaving no room for the real beauty of our life experiences to shine through. We think we need to come in with all of this preconceived knowledge, when really we should be entering new experiences with a clean slate mind. I arrived at Christopher’s office full of expectations for our first meeting. To me Christopher was this amazingly empathetic guy who was simply perfect to be my life coach. I had this vision that he was going to grace me with... read more ❯
“I’m Not Good Enough” - Stepping Stones to My Coaching Journey
Published 2/2/2016 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
This guest blog was written by Jenai Lieu, for ChangeMyLifeCoaching.ca. Sitting there at my desk, pressure was building inside of me as I stared blindly at my computer screen. The deadline for my article was weighing heavily on me as it loomed closer. It was one of the many stories I had to write for work. It is my job to write. I sat there with the little cursor on the computer screen blinking at me. Despite five years of university earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, tutoring high school students on how to write grade-A essays and helping foreigners earn scholarships in North America by teaching them how to write in formal English, I still couldn’t call myself a writer. All I had to do was finish this 500-word article by the end of the week, but the idea of not being good enough to call myself a writer was paralyzing me from... read more ❯
Did You Notice the Irony Last Week?
Published 6/15/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Confident Career Tip No. 12 Last week we read "Women at Work: A Guide for Men" an article by Joanne Lipman that spoke to eight tips men need to remember about women in the work force.  Things that are still a challenge today.  Did you read the full article?  If you didn't, I recommend it because you are about to be tested on it! Now, did you notice something particularly interesting about it? The subject of the article was about women at work and it provided tips for men.  There is something particularly ironic about it... and while I noticed it I admittedly did not noticed the irony at the time.  In fact, for me to see the irony one of my friends had to sent me an email urging me to encourage my readers to read the full article and take notice of the pictures.  At this I replied, "good idea"!  *shrug* Later last week... read more ❯
Tips for Men: You Might Be Doing It All Wrong
Published 5/19/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Confident Career Tip No. 11 Last week we saw a video by Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders.  We would be lying if we said part of the problem didn't involve men.  Joanne Lipman, a Wall Street Journal contributor, did an interview with WSJ Live.  Further down that same page you will find an incredible article written by Joanne Lipman that speaks to eight tips men need to remember about women in the work force.  I have summarized them below but I strongly recommend you read the full article whether you are a man or a woman because if you read between the lines you may also see places where women could be unconsciously sabotaging themselves.   Here are the titles of the 8 tips: She's not "sorry," she's not "lucky"-and she's not asking you a question. She's ready for a promotion-she just doesn't know it yet. She's pretty sure... read more ❯
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