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Sexism, Alive and Well: Women & Leadership
Published 5/19/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Confident Career Tip No. 10 The Province of Alberta, Canada made history on Tuesday, May 5. Not only did we elect a majority NDP (very leftist for our non-Canadian readers) government after a whopping 44 years of having a PC (rightist) government but we also elected our second female premier, Rachel Notley.  What is even more surprising in our conservative province is that this new caucus is 33% female. The largest number of women who have held seats provincially in our history.  In 2015, this should not be a surprise; however, it's gaining some significant local media attention because... well... it is a surprise. So what? Equal rights and pay for women in the workplace is still an issue that is not being addressed correctly.  In fact, a study done by Stats Canada in 2008 shows that the annual earnings of women were 64% that of their male counterparts. This is disgusting. You would... read more ❯
Laid Off (Part IV): 100 Things to Do If You've Been Laid Off
Published 5/14/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
This is the last part of our 4 part series on how to strategize if you have been laid off.  If you have been laid off or unemployed the obvious first thing to do is to get working as quickly as possible.  That is what we have been speaking to in the last two months.  However, sometimes it is a waiting game, so in absence of employment what can we do? Sometimes we have to have a little fun.  If you forget to laugh and have fun during this time, it will affect you!  Here is a fun list that I found on the famous job search site Monster.  You can see an entire listing of 100 Things To Do If You Have Been Laid Off; my personal Top 10 List is below: Confront your worst fear. Whether it's loathing public speaking or a fear of heights, conquering it will put your layoff... read more ❯
Laid Off (Part III): Is Your Ego Getting In The Way?
Published 4/20/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Confident Career Tip No. 8 "I'm not going to fast-food, that's for sure!"  This is a phrase I hear during an economic downturn from clients who have been recently been laid off. The question I ask is, "if you are in this state 12 months from now will you work at fast-food then?"  It is hard to believe that you could be laid off for that long, but it is happening. In this regard, there are three types of people.  The first, are those who are willing to do whatever it takes to close the income and resume gap.  The second, are those who want to wait and see if they can get something in their chosen field but will reach out after a period of time to something to close the gap.  The third, are those who will wait and see and continue to wait and see until a year or... read more ❯
Still Laid Off? Map Out Your Network
Published 4/6/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Confident Career Tip No. 7 Because of the market we are in with the downturn in oil and gas, last time we reviewed some articles on what you need to do if you get laid off.  I have included those links again below in case you missed them the first time. When it comes to looking for work, remember, it's not what you know but who you know.  Here are a few additional steps that speak directly to actions you can take to get you employed as quickly as possible.  The theme of this is really about coming out as someone who is looking for work and connecting with your network no matter how big or small so that they know you are a job searcher and actively looking for work. Grab your cell phone and email address book and write down the names of everybody you can remember on stickies.  The idea here... read more ❯
Job Titles Are Bullsh*t - Strip Away the Title and Dress Up the Job!
Published 3/9/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Confident Career Tip No. 5 Let's bust the five biggest bullsh*t's about job titles so that we can get past the title and get you into the job you were born to do!   Bullsh*t #1: Picking Your "Title" in High-School While it is unlikely that in most high schools you are choosing the title you want when you get into the workforce, there is a huge emphasis on picking a fairly specific career path so that you can set up your Grade 11 and 12 options to align you for university. They start with personality testing and provide a list of potential options for 16 to 18 year olds to choose from. The reality of it is, not only will they likely have between 7 and 20 careers in their lives but also often this is where you see dreams crushed. I recently heard of this starting in Grade 7, one girl in... read more ❯
Does Your Job Fit You?
Published 2/23/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Marcus Buckingham would tell you that only 17% of people are playing to their true strengths in their current job.  This is based off an extensive study done on over 2-million people worldwide! Are You "Title Shopping" or Dream Job Shopping? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if everyone was in a job that made them feel strong at the end of every single day. The problem is that we spend too much time "title shopping". We look for the job that we think is the best fit based on title and salary rather than looking at what you actually do in that job on a day to day basis. We look for the "sexy" title and the "good" salary but we don't take stock of the tasks that we actually do from one hour to the next. Then when we feel inevitably feel like crap about the job, completely unfulfilled about the work... read more ❯
Relentless Disssatisfaction: Be Unreasonable
Published 2/8/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
  "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.  Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." ~George Bernard Shaw   Think about this concept for a moment. Throughout my career in the corporate world I was accused of being "relentlessly dissatisfied."  I used to resent the remark because I thought it made me the squeaky wheel, the nag, the complainer.  I've since shifted my perception. Now, instead of resenting the remark I resemble it with pride.  Like George Bernard Shaw (although not as great as he), I am unreasonable because I want the world to change. I wanted my teachers to change growing up, I wanted my parents to change, I wanted my bosses to change, I even went so far as requesting that organizations with thousands of people change. My efforts haven't been totally fruitless, but admittedly in dealing with the... read more ❯
7 Quick Tips to Making Your Goals Stick
Published 1/26/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
By this point in the year 29% of people have already stopped working on their New Years Resolutions.  Six months from now more than half will have stopped working on their resolutions!  Just hearing the numbers is enough to discourage some from even attempting to set goals.  One joke among my friends is "New Years resolutions are meant to be broken."  One year we even went around the table humorously answering the question "What New Years resolution will you be breaking this year!" While this was funny, it was also disheartening.  Goals are important, we set them to achieve something better for ourselves! We know that people who set resolutions are 10 times more likely to achieve their goals than people who don't make resolutions.  So how do we keep these resolutions going? That's just what that issue is about getting those resolutions rocket launched! Check out the cool tool and video... read more ❯
Get Paid What You Deserve: Asking For A Raise
Published 1/12/2015 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Christopher Lawrence
Did you know that that this is the time of year when most employers start considering what raises and bonuses they will be giving their staff? Unfortunately, if you check google analytics it is during the month of March that people are researching how to ask for a raise. Usually by March most employers have made their decisions about which staff will receive which increments and which will get what bonuses.  It should come as no surprise then that by the time April comes around we begin to google job dissatisfaction but by May, when our raise actually kicks in, we are googling "I hate my job". The fact is, by the time most people are looking to ask for an annual raise, their boss has already made his or her decision.  Sadder yet is that most people don't bother to negotiate a raise for their work. These people (and this is most of the... read more ❯
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