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[VIDEO] The Best Video Interviewing Tips: Part 3 Starting The Interview / Lessons Learned
Published 6/11/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Check out this great video on interviewing. Be sure to check back next week for part 4 of this five part series. https://youtu.be/SNSCsCoaFHQ Check out the transcript below! Christopher - What would've happened if you, like, had a sneezing fit or something?  Karmal - It would've got recorded.  Christopher - So then you went and you clicked the link and you did the interview-- Karmal - I did the interview. Christopher - So I'm curious, how did you, let's step back for a second here. Because the things that I would be thinking about if I'm doing an interview. So you did this at home-- Karmal - Yes. Christopher - It wasn't in their space-- Karmal - No. Christopher - This was in your home. Great idea for the employer in so many senses. But I think some people they get a bit nervous in front of video whereas if they're in front of somebody, they would perform differently. Like, I'm... read more ❯
[VIDEO] The Best Video Interviewing Tips: Part 2 Prepping for The Interview
Published 6/4/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Check out this great video on interviewing. Be sure to check back next week for Part 3 of this five part series. https://youtu.be/bWRu3f3B1Z0 Check out the transcript below! Karmal - So, I decided to go with something a bit more colorful. Christopher - I know for me, I would have looked at, what was I wearing? Karmal - Yes. Christopher - What was behind me? Karmal - Yes. Christopher - So, what did you wear? And, what did you put behind you? Karmal - So, I decided to go with something a bit more colorful. Now unfortunately, my office at my house is in our spare bedroom, which has really bright pink walls. So, I tried to set the video so that the pink walls were down at the bottom. I couldn't get rid of them entirely, 'cause they come halfway up. But, so they were a little bit behind me, but I just tried. And, they have a... read more ❯
[VIDEO] The Best Video Interviewing Tips: Part 1 The Initial Experience
Published 5/28/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Check out this great video on interviewing. Be sure to check back next week for Part 2 of this five part series.   https://youtu.be/bZ4WTKd-Um8 Check out the transcript below! Christopher - The job search process is, in my opinion in terms of a first world, we're very privileged to live where we live. Karmal - Yes. Christopher - It's kind of an inhumane process, like there's-- Karmal - It really is. Christoper - Hi everybody, this is Christopher Lawrence with Change My Life Coaching, and I am here with a friend and colleague, Karmal Beninger. Karmal and I went to college together. So actually, Karmal is here with me today because she had to do her very first video interview for a job. So, Karmal is a job-searcher right now, and there is a trend moving forward now with doing video interviews, and so there's all sorts of different things. So, I wanna help our followers understand how... read more ❯
What does it mean to “Manage Up” and Should You?
Published 5/22/2019 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note:This article contains 1584 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 6 minutes.   You’ve probably heard the expression: people don’t quit jobs, but they quit managers and that’s a basic fact. For most people, the major component of job satisfaction is not the office layout or resource tools. When you think about it even further, it’s not even about bonuses, benefits or workload, but instead it is more about the relationship they have with their manager. Interestingly, according to a study, conducted by psychologist Michelle McQuaid, the author of Five Reasons to Tell Your ManagerTo Go F**k Themselves, revealed that more than 65% of workers surveyed would choose a new manager over a pay raise. In her research she’s found that employees who dislike their managers take an average of 15 more sick days per year than other workers. More than that, they even slow down on the job, don’t... read more ❯
[VIDEO] Do You Have a Fulfilling Career or a Good Job?
Published 5/14/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Do you have a "fulfilling career" or a "good job"? https://youtu.be/ULlfxIy-DW4 Transcription Christopher Lawrence here with Change My Life Coaching. I often get asked the question, what makes a fulfilling career? Sometimes when clients come in they bring in a Venn diagram that's made up of three circles, usually, right? The Venn diagram says, you have to have a job that contains skills that you're good at, and it says that you must have a job that is doing something that you're passionate about, and then the third thing is that your job has to meet market demand. And so, I think that's, you know, and pay well, right? So, that's what makes a fulfilling career, but actually, I don't think that makes a fulfilling career. I think it makes a good job. I think if you get paid well and the market needs it and you're good at it and you have some... read more ❯
[VIDEO] Life Is Like Driving In a Car. Where is your focus?
Published 4/30/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Are you driving into the ditch in your life or to your destination? https://youtu.be/4RTuLUTXNxA Transcript: Hi, folks, Christopher with Change My Life Coaching here. I wanted to speak to you today, about driving into the ditch versus driving to your destination. And you might think I'm talking about cars or vehicles, but I'm actually not, and it's a really great metaphor. So the idea behind this metaphor, is that so often when we're driving, if you look at the cute animals on the side of the road, that's where your car starts to go, it starts to go into the ditch. But, if you're looking forward towards the destination, the place that you're trying to get to, then your car is safe and happy, and moving in the right direction. Life is a lot like this. Life is like driving in a car, and sometimes we're focused on what's not working, we focused on... read more ❯
Introverted? Network Like a Pro Anyway!
Published 4/16/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Networking, whether in the course of seeking new job opportunities or simply for career growth and professional connections can be a challenging process for even the most extroverted individuals. For introverted individuals though, networking can be nearly impossible and the networking process excruciating. Networking has a bad rap. Individuals are usually hindered by misconceptions surrounding networking and its benefits, as well as their own self-protective barriers. But before you conclude that networking is not for you, it’s important to consider the immense benefits of networking. As humans we naturally thrive on social interactions with other individuals and as such networking is an important tool in business interaction. Building relationships in business is extremely crucial. Moreover networking creates an opportunity to meet new individuals who may provide avenue for expanding your business. It also create an exposure for your business, skill and values. Moreover networking makes it possible for you to... read more ❯
Published 4/2/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
As humans our brains do not have an unlimited amount of constant energy to make constant decisions and process information throughout the day. In the same manner, the body cannot absorb the demands of multitasking, connectivity and increasing workloads without a concurrent decrease in efficiency and well-being. In essence, your energy is very valuable, it's like money. You should only invest your time and energy into things that provide a return. The return you are looking for is that "YOU" get something out of it, whether it is money, or more energy, or personal fulfillment. By managing your personal energy, you will be able to increase your performance and overall efficiency and still have ample energy to achieve your goals and live a satisfying and fulfilling life.  The Author of the “The Power of Full Engagement” Tony Schwartzpointed out that the number of hours we have daily is fixed, but the quality and... read more ❯
Quick Tip to Increase Revenue
Published 3/21/2019 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note:This article contains 894 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 3 minutes. There’s a lot of emphasis on making sales, increasing revenue in the business world. However, a crucial aspect (and arguably more important) key to business success is retaining your clients. Granted, new customers are key to the success and growth of your business. But smart business owners realize the importance of retaining existing clients as they offer huge potential for continuous revenue. According to the Harvard Business Review, selling to a new client costs on an average 25 times more than to an existing client. It’s more expensive to acquire new clients than it is to keep an existing one. In fact, long-term customers provide more value than a single-deal client. Keeping customers for the long haul provides a solid foundation of revenue that has created incredible wealth for businesses.  Existing customers have already done business with... read more ❯
Did you get the raise or bonus you wanted?
Published 3/19/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Does money make you happy? It's raise and bonus season and the research is showing that a raise isn't going to make you happy or satisfied! Here is some compelling research and what you should be doing instead of fighting for more money. https://youtu.be/7_mz-qbIDzk Christopher is the Chief Value Officer and Founder of Change My Life Coaching and Co-Founder of Change My Business Coaching and the Healthy Transformations Weight Loss & Inflammation Reduction Program.  Change my Life Coaching is a fast growing whole-life, leadership and business coaching company, and the only one of it’s kind.  He is also the author of “Go Beyond Passion: Discover Your Dream Job”. Christopher spent 15+ years working in the corporate world with a plethora of industries and companies. His focus was primarily in planning, strategy, and leadership of change management and communication. Christopher is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner (CMCP), trainer and facilitator, and a passionate public speaker who truly cares about the success... read more ❯