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Move from being “Busy” to being Productive
Published 2/1/2019 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note:This article contains 1,134 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 5 minutes.   Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” -–Paul J. Meyer.   Right from the early 1970s, productivity (generally referred to as the total amount of output per hour worked) has been consistently increasing in North America. According to the Economic Policy Institute, between the years 1973 and 2011 there has been an amazing 80 percent increase in the productivity of the American worker. This rise in productivity has been a direct result of implementing new tools to bolster our efficiency and focus. However, while it’s obvious that the average level of productivity for American workers has improved significantly, top CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs are still looking for ways to increase their productivity. So what practices and strategies do highly successful people incorporate into their... read more ❯
Tips to make your resume stand out
Published 1/22/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
When applying for a job, you’re counting on your experience, skills and personality to land you that dream job. However, before you get the opportunity to meet a potential employer, your resume must be unique enough to get you called in for an interview. Hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes, so it’s best if yours lands on top of the pile. Your resume is the most important tool in the job application process and is the major driver of securing interviews. This blog post will examine top tips that will help to make your resume stand out to get you that desired position. Respond Directly to the Job Description Recruiters generally have specific ideas about what technical skills and experiences candidates will need to perform excellently well in open positions and your resume should mirror the description they’ve included in their ads or listings. In a sea of wishy-washy resumes, the most... read more ❯
Little Things That Make A Big Difference
Published 1/9/2019 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Catherine Munro
Happy New Year everyone! As we start off a New Year, I think most of us take the time to ponder and envision the things that are important to us.  Some call them resolutions, or goals, or plans – whatever resonates for you – but they are all about what and where we want to put our focus and precious energy this year. Recently, I was in the company of a group of amazing ladies as we discussed life, what works, what doesn’t and what makes us feel better and how to make that happen going forward! We all had common complaints: lack of sleep, waking up in the night and trying to solve all of our challenges – real and perceived (and realizing the list is very long!); wanting everyone in our lives to be well and thriving, and the lengths we will go to try to make that happen, sometimes to... read more ❯
The 3 Types of Resumes: Which is Right For You!
Published 1/8/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
As a job seeker, writing a great resume involves different stages. There’s the initial planning, deciding keywords, identifying formats, listing of accomplishments, and finishing up with the style and design. All of these stages are crucial to writing a great resume and the order in which they are approached can contribute greatly to the quality of your resume.  One of the most important decisions to make when writing a great resume is to determine the format or structure. The content and format of the resume must align with the candidate and the industry. When it comes to resume format, there are three main types widely regarded as the most effective by HR experts globally. This blog post will evaluate these resume formats and also discuss how they should be utilized. The three best resume formats are as follows: Chronological Format Functional Format Combination Format Let's talk about each of them. CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME This... read more ❯
[VIDEO] Do You Need This Candidate - Highly Skilled Professional Admin
Published 1/2/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Please check out this candidate profile. Karmal is a highly skilled professional Administrator and Executive Assistant. You can read the transcript below as well. https://youtu.be/d7iQoRTsNys Transcript Karmal - I think for me is I enjoy the research and the analytical background stuff. Christopher - So Karmal, what is your chosen profession? Karmal - So my last career was an executive assistant, so I'm very versed in administrative side of things, and the computer side of things, and I'm looking to move into more of an analyst and that sort of position from where I was before. Christopher - What's interesting actually and I can say this much easier than you can is it's much easier to brag about your friends skills than your own. When Karmal and I went to college together, Karmal had a 4.0 meaning that every single class that we had she got an A in. And what's really incredible about this is the... read more ❯
100% Success for New Years Goal Setting: Get Started Right NOW!
Published 1/1/2019 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Happy New Year! It's time to get started on your New Years Goals. If you want 100% Success for your New Years Goals here is what you need to do. Choose a goal setting model. There are so many goal setting models out there so I'm going to keep this super simple: PICK ONE AND STICK WITH IT!  My personal favourite is our own "Get Motivated, Stay Focussed" model. If you'd like to learn more about this please schedule an Ultimate New Years Success Strategy Session with me and I'll walk you through it. It works every time! Get super clear on what you want to achieve. Do NOT be vague Take IMPERFECT INSPIRED ACTION!  In other words, don't wait until you have all of the answers, just start taking action. Let yourself feel inspired and do something, anything. Don't worry if it's not the right action. Taking any action to... read more ❯
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
Published 12/18/2018 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
I personally wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year from Change My life Coaching (and my cute doggy, his name is Hiro). He's already for his Corporate Christmas Party with his christmas business tie. Want to know more about Hiro He lives a super biz life. Has no time for shenanigans, but is the purveyor of all shenanigans. Loves Greenies and pig ears. He is 7 years old and thinks he's about 800 pounds. His birthday is February 11th.   Want to know more about Christopher Christopher is the Chief Value Officer and Founder of Change My Life Coaching and Co-Founder of Change My Business Coaching and the Healthy Transformations Weight Loss & Inflammation Reduction Program.  Change my Life Coaching is a fast growing whole-life, leadership and business coaching company, and the only one of it’s kind.  He is also the author of “Go Beyond Passion: Discover Your Dream Job”. Christopher... read more ❯
Shaking Things Up at Christmas
Published 12/12/2018 in Catherine Munro
Author Catherine Munro
Note:  This article contains 640 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 2 minutes. Tis the Season! I was out with the crowds last Friday afternoon – looking forward to picking out some lovely gifts for those I hold dear.  But….wait a second – that was not a fun nor fulfilling experience at all! Traffic was congested, parking lots were packed and tempers were running high…with lots of erratic moves by drivers, and an unusual amount of horns blowing…the stress in the air was palpable! Once I finally arrived back home I plugged in my Christmas tree lights and sat it the quiet for a few minutes – I started to feel “settled” and the Christmas spirit and what I envisioned that to be and feel like, reappeared. It struck me in that moment that this season truly is like living in a Snowglobe… you have a clear vision in your mind... read more ❯
Why Your Employees will Never Trust you
Published 12/4/2018 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Have you ever felt that your employees do not trust you? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Feelings of trust towards managers, team leaders, CEOs have fallen in recent years. Edelman Trust Barometer statistics revealed that average trust in organizations is at an all-time low of 52 percent. The issue of trust in the workplace and organizations has been attracting a lot of attention lately as there seem to be no imminent changes in the statistics. Another piece of research found out that one-fifth (20%) of employees do not trust their management and senior leaders. It’s therefore imperative to examine some factors that can cause distrust in the workplace. As an employer trust is a crucial part of your business as it can have a significant on business growth. Trust is especially important in business; it affects employee productivity and retention. A study conducted by the Chartered Management Institute and leadership events... read more ❯
Is Fear the Most Powerful Motivator?
Published 11/28/2018 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note: This article contains 1,240 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 5 minutes.   Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat; it arises from the ability to recognize a risk of significant loss of wealth, health, power, status, security or anything of value leading to an urge to either flee from it or confront it. Fear has always been a very powerful emotion since the evolution of mankind and has been very crucial in the survival of the human race. It has saved us from predators, disasters and has kept us alive. It’s a primal instinct that served us as cave dwellers and today. There is nothing that makes us more uncomfortable than fear, and there are so many of them from fear of failure, disease, missing an opportunity, being conned and a lot more. Our best experiences are borne out of fear. Think about the happiest, growth-oriented... read more ❯