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Published 12/7/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Is it time to get stressed!? Kyle says to get stressed out! https://youtu.be/UNlpItMwhSk   Originally aired: November 21, 2016 Transcription Christopher: It’s the most stressful time of the year and that’s not just because of my singing. Christopher Lawrence with Change my Life Coaching here, with Kyle Kalloo with Change my life coaching. We wanted to talk to you about this time of year, because people get stressed out and you’re going to see lots of videos, and lots of tips on holiday shopping, and learning to say no, and not burning out, don’t stress yourself out, and all this stuff but you have a unique opinion Kyle. What’s your opinion?   Kyle: Get stressed out because there’s coaches. No. You know what here’s the thing, because when people are stressed out what do we do? We cocoon, we stay at home, we don’t do anything, we don’t have a lot of monies, so we can’t take... read more ❯
7 Different Styles of Coaching
Published 12/7/2017 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note: This article contains 1,113 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 5 minutes.   When we hear that someone needs to be ‘coached’ most of us think of an overly universal term. Coaching, though, is a massive sector with so many sub-styles involved that the term ‘coaching’ without any context is almost worthless. Instead of leaving you constantly searching for some universally applicable style of coaching, let’s take a look at some of the most popular forms of coaching in the world. When used correctly, these different styles of coaching play a critical role in self-development. What, though, are the options open to those who wish to be coached? 7 Styles of Coaching Skills Coaching. Skills coaching is more commonly used for employees who need to improve on their ability to handle a certain task or take on a more specific role in life. If you want to be good... read more ❯
Game of Telephone In C-Suite Leadership
Published 11/30/2017 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note: This article contains 1,270 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 5 minutes.   For anyone who has dealt with handling feedback from employee to employer, you’ll likely know how frustrating this can be. Staff are expected to be able to get in touch with senior management and company leadership, and talk to them about potential problems within the workplace. At how many businesses, though, does this happen? Instead, what we see a lot is a case of Game of Telephone (is an international children’s game, in which the players form a line and the first person in the line whispers a message to the ear of the next person in the line, and so on, until the last player is reached, who announces the message to the entire group. The first person then compares the original message with the final version). What starts out as a totally valid, fair... read more ❯
Business Owners: Being a Weed Instead of Flower
Published 11/23/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Flowers are beautiful! I love flowers, in fact we have flowers in our house probably once a month on average we love them so much. And in the summer, I have a flower bed in my front yard that I like to fill with all sorts of bright and rare coloured petals. When I was weeding my flower bed this summer I had the thought about how I wished that the weeds would stop coming back so often and that the flowers would grow just as fast.  But in that moment I learned to have an appreciation for the tenacity of weeds. Later that day I came across this quote by Doug Larson, "A weed is a plant that has mastered all survival skills except for learning how to grow in rows." What a beautiful thought. This is what being a business owner is like. You must be tenacious, work hard, keep showing up... read more ❯
Introducing Another Brand - Change My Business Coaching
Published 11/22/2017 in Change My Life Coaching
Author Kyle Kalloo
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Phone: 844-910-7111 Email: info@changemylifecoaching.ca   CALGARY, AB – November 22, 2017 – Change My Life Coaching today proudly announces the launch of their newest division – Change My Business Coaching.  Change My Business Coaching provides solutions for businesses and individuals who are struggling with sales, employee performance, change management or leadership skills. This reflects the company’s continued innovation and expertise in their unique approach to teaching, inspiring and motivating others.   CEO and Founder, Christopher Lawrence says “In the summer of 2017 we were responsive to the growing demand of business owners and executive leaders looking for an alternative and we designed Change My Business Coaching, primarily focusing on business development and customized training.  We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and sincere dedication of our team and the culture of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization.  Together, Change My Business Coaching and Change My Life Coaching give our... read more ❯
Avoid the Pitfalls of "THIS" Interview Question
Published 11/9/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
"So, tell me about yourself?" This question may seem unimportant. So many people pass over it without much thought or they start to talk about where they are from and what they currently or most recently did for work. However, you could be missing a really important opportunity. Suzy Welch, CNBC Contributor and best selling author, recently published a video on how to answer that pesky question, "Tell me about yourself" during the job interview process. Welch says that your the potential employer is looking to see, "maturity and authenticity" showing that you are "self-aware and empathetic." She suggests telling the story of your life while relating it back to the job. In my experience working as both a recruiter and a career coach, most interviewers and employers actually aren't paying that much attention to the answer to this question, but are rather using it to establish rapport (a huge miss on... read more ❯
C-Suite Lacking in Leadership?
Published 11/2/2017 in Kyle Kalloo
Author Kyle Kalloo
Note: This article contains 1,262 words and 1 image, with an estimated read time of 5 minutes.   In business, one of the most important deciding factors in success stems from leadership. However, senior executives within the workplace – referred to as C-Suite for the highest executives in a business – tend to fail when it comes to ‘walking the walk’ and taking action. While most executives are full of great ideas and suggestions, many fall flat when it comes to putting them into action. Over the years, I’ve worked with many business leaders who have become frustrated by the fragmented vision and purpose of their business. When executives lose that desire to engage and to stay with the philosophy, it’s only common that problems will occur. No matter how much money is spent on employee engagement and development, if the orders from the top aren’t of a suitable standard then nothing will improve. C-Suite... read more ❯
Sky's The Limit Radio Interview: Find Your Dream Job Now [Podcast]
Published 10/26/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
This is a Podcast with our coach Christopher Lawrence and Sky's the Limit Radio. The transcript is below should you wish to read the content instead.   https://youtu.be/0o3RyuDJbcs       Transcript Your Dream Job Welcome to sky is the limit your inspiration station with coaches Wendy Christa and Jermaine, our goal is to search out and share with you the latest news about how to become and stay empowered to make the most transformative lifestyle choices, For 30 minutes each Monday at 12 noon Eastern time you will have the opportunity to hear inspiring interviews with coaches specializing is a variety of life transforming areas. It is our intent to provide you once a week wealth of information to carry you throughout the week. Your co-host are Wendy who is our body beautiful coach, Christa who is our health lifestyle transformation coach and Sermin who is vanity coach. It is important to know that all of the concept and... read more ❯
Your Perception is Not Reality!
Published 10/12/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
We have often heard the phrase "perception is reality".  None of us see the world as it actually is. No. In fact, we see the world as we actually are. We are full of our own biases and, quite frankly, sometimes we get stuck in those biases believing that they are absolute truth.  There is an incredible book called "The Undoing Project" by Michale Lewis that talks about a friendship between two men, two psychologists, who helped the world change it's mind about our own biases. I recently wrote a poem that speaks to this truth about perception not being reality. See the world as real? Impossible. But see it only as you are. The world you see is the person you are. Don't like the world you see? Change who you are. The dark world I saw was because of who I was. The light world I see is because of who I became. I do not see the... read more ❯
The Pod Life Podcast: Sugar Chronicles The Gummy Whores Part 2 of 2 - Ohmpire Productions
Published 9/28/2017 in Christopher Lawrence
Author Christopher Lawrence
Below is a podcast interview with Christopher Lawrence done by Ms. Opium for her podcast The Pod Life.  If you would like to learn more about weight and weight loss or experience anti-inflammation or a ketogenic diet, please check out The Healthy Transformations Program.  Please listen to the podcast or read the transcript below.   https://youtu.be/qLmKtzDDBjE   Transcript for your reading pleasure... Ms. Opium:  Hey everybody welcome back to the Pod Play, we are doing episode 2 of the Gummy whores and back for another visit is Christophertopher Lawrence. Christopher welcome back.   Christopher:  Thank you very much.   Ms. Opium:  Christopher has had an exciting event happened, since the last time we were together and we are very proud. Christophertopher got married,   Christopher:  Yeah I’m sorry I’m off the market.   Ms. Opium:  He’s off the market sorry everybody,   Christopher:  Actually I’m not sorry, I’m happy to be off the market but I’m sorry for all of you though. I’m just kidding.   Ms. Opium:  All of you people out there.   Christopher:  All... read more ❯