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Image of Christopher Lawrence and the right way to do a resume!

The Right Way to do A Resume

So there’s some things that work better than others but it kinda depends on who’s looking at the resume so. Table of Contents So What is The Right Way to Do A Resume?Test Out Your ResumeYour Resume Is Your BrandStart Thinking of Yourself as A Career PersonTrack Your Results So What is The Right Way ... Read more
Be Free of Anxiety and Panic

The Ultimate Anxiety and Panic Toolkit

Here is the Ultimate Anxiety & Panic Toolkit that I developed for a client because they were dealing with some severe panic and anxiety in the family.
Why Your Resume Isn't Getting Noticed

Digital Killed the Resume Star: Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting Noticed

Searching for a job may feel as though you are banging your head against a brick wall. Here are some tips to improve your resume and make job search fruitful.
CMLC Blog: Angela Duckworth Research

Angela Duckworth Research…

All human beings have moments where they struggle with self-control. Learn about cool research written by Angela Duckworth & cohorts on how to deal with it.
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At Change My Life Coaching, we care deeply for our clients, our community, and employees and contractors. Due to Covid-19, we will be taking extra precautions.
CMLC Blog: Remember Your Future Self

Remember Your Future Self

By taking the time to understand yourself & your wants, it is easier to create a future vision of ourselves that helps to truly live the life you are meant to.
CMLC Blog: Acute Self-Awareness to Change Thoughts / Habits

Acute Self-Awareness to Change Thoughts / Habits

You've got one life to live, so use self-awareness to change your habits and really connect to your work, since it's the place that you spend the most time at.
CMLC Blog: How to Make Networking a Little Less Uncomfortable

How to Make Networking a Little Less Uncomfortable

Networking it is critical to long-term career success and while it can be nerve-wracking, it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to make it more comfortable.

Passion Without Purpose Yields The Worst Results

Word Count: 1002 words Approximate Read Time: Approximately 3.5 to 4 minutes Passion without purpose. Purpose without passion. It doesn’t work. You need both for a truly fulfilling life and career. But most people tend to focus on passion. Passion is exciting, vibrant, and thrilling. Purpose sounds necessary, but as a chore, but it is so ... Read more

Don’t Fake It Till You Make It: That’s Garbage Advice

Approximate Reading Time: 4.5 minutes Word Count: 1191 words You might be thinking, what does he mean? Why would I want to act like I don’t know what I’m doing? The adage ‘fake it till you make it’ is everywhere. A quick internet search pulls up numerous TED talks, business speeches, and articles from reputable ... Read more