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Christopher Lawrence and Values Based Decisions for Career Change

Values Based Decisions for Career Change

I wanted to ask you guys, and you can post below, what values do you have that are important about your career? In other words, what career based values do...
CMLC Blog: Covid Quarantine Quitter: In a Motivational Funk?

Covid Quarantine Quitter: In a Motivational Funk?

Pay attention to your motivation during Covid: start with learning & practicing it, then try my Top 10 Best Ways to increase motivation during this time.
CMLC Blog: How to Network like a Boss

How to Network Like a Boss

Career & Life Coach, Christopher Lawrence takes you through his favourite tips & strategies so you feel more confident to successfully network in any situation.
CMLC Blog: How to Deal with Fear for Making a Change

How to Deal with Fear for Making a Change

The way that I look at fear, having experienced daily highly anxious panic attacks for months, is it was the worst time of my life. This is how I dealt with it.
CMLC Blog: The Easy Choice When You Are Too Busy

The Easy Choice When You Are Too Busy

If you've ever been in that position where stuff is flying at you and you're so busy that you can't even see straight. Here are some tactics to help.
Be Free of Anxiety and Panic

The Ultimate Anxiety and Panic Toolkit

Here is the Ultimate Anxiety & Panic Toolkit that I developed for a client because they were dealing with some severe panic and anxiety in the family.
Why Your Resume Isn't Getting Noticed

Digital Killed the Resume Star: Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting Noticed

Searching for a job may feel as though you are banging your head against a brick wall. Here are some tips to improve your resume and make job search fruitful.
CMLC Blog: Angela Duckworth Research

Angela Duckworth Research…

All human beings have moments where they struggle with self-control. Learn about cool research written by Angela Duckworth & cohorts on how to deal with it.
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At Change My Life Coaching, we care deeply for our clients, our community, and employees and contractors. Due to Covid-19, we will be taking extra precautions.
CMLC Blog: Remember Your Future Self

Remember Your Future Self

By taking the time to understand yourself & your wants, it is easier to create a future vision of ourselves that helps to truly live the life you are meant to.