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7 Tips: Why Your 2020 New Years Resolutions Failed

7 Tips: Why Your 2020 New Years Resolutions Failed

You probably aren't thinking about your 2020 New Years resolutions anymore but they did matter to you way back in January. It's NOT TOO LATE! 7 Tips to win!
Christopher Lawrence and Values Based Decisions for Career Change

Values Based Decisions for Career Change

I wanted to ask you guys, and you can post below, what values do you have that are important about your career? In other words, what career based values do...

1st Consumer Choice Award for Outstanding Life Coaching

Consumer Choice Award announces Change My Life Coaching as the first recipient in Canada for the Top Service Provider Award for Life Coaching.
The Tears, The Failures, The Garbage - My Life Story

The Tears, The Failures, The Garbage – My Life Story

This might be kind of a neat time to share a little bit of my personal story with you. And so, I thought I'd share a little bit of that and maybe you...
Ask For a Raise

Ask For A Raise or Bonus During Covid-19 and Win

Asking for a raise can be difficult enough; however, if you are going to ask for a raise during Covid-19 there are a few extra things you need to know!
Image of Christopher Lawrence and the right way to do a resume!

The Right Way to do A Resume

So there’s some things that work better than others but it kinda depends on who’s looking at the resume so. Table of Contents So What is The Right Way to Do A Resume?Test Out Your ResumeYour Resume Is Your BrandStart Thinking of Yourself as A Career PersonTrack Your Results So What is The Right Way ... Read more
Image of Rejection - Are You Asking?

Rejection – Are You Asking?

We’re so afraid of rejection and I get it. Hearing no sucks but here’s the thing. If you don’t ask, it’s already a no. Table of Contents It’s Time For A RaiseAre You Rejection Proof?Attach It to Something PersonalKnow Your WorthCome Up With A PlanThe Bottom Line It’s Time For A Raise It’s time for ... Read more
Image of Christopher Lawrence

My Career Story

I saw career counselor after career counselor after career counselor. I did so many personality tests and skills-based tests you wouldn’t even believe it. And they usually came back saying I should keep doing what I’m doing. Table of Contents How Did I get to Where I Am Now?My Path to a Life Coaching CareerI ... Read more
Image of Change My Life Coaching 8th Anniversary!

Change My Life Coaching proudly marks 8th Anniversary!

In the past eight years we have worked with over 2000 clients in a one-on-one setting and over 10,000 people in group coaching, training and facilitation sessions.
Stuck in a rut?

Stuck In A Rut? Try Doing A Career Self-Intervention

Do you understand the definition of an intervention in detail? If not, take your time and read that again.