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Fear of Failure - Is It Real?

Inspired Action For Imperfect Humans – S4 E8: “Fear of Failure – Is It Real?”

“Fear of Failure – Is It Real?” Brief Summary: The fear of failure, is it real? What is fear of success and how is it different from a fear of failure? In this Inspired Action For Imperfect Humans podcast episode, hosts Christopher Lawrence and Kyle Kalloo discuss the fear of failure, whether it’s a real ... Read more
A Strong Practice In Listening To My Voice

A Strong Practice In Listening To My Voice

This article is about listening to my voice (or your voice). The following post was written by an anonymous client who wanted to remain anonymous
Are You Tired Of The Job Search Process?

Are You Tired of The Job Search Process?

If you are tired of the job search process and you're throwing in the towel and you cannot even make yourself do one more resume, put in one more application or look at the job post website, then you need to watch this video and read this blog.
The Beautiful Secret to Having More Energy

The Beautiful Secret To Having More Energy

After the kind of year and a half we have all had - many of us are wishing for more energy. And as the summer approaches, you've got projects you want done!
Pay Attention to: Careers That Are Growing And Declining

Pay Attention to: Careers That Are Growing And Declining

We have to pay attention to the kinds of careers that are growing and careers that are declining particularly, in your own area.
3 Mindset Success Tips: Job Search Stalled? 3 Steps to Mindset Success

3 Mindset Success Tips: Job Search Stalled? 3 Steps to Mindset Success

It can be hard to not find success and be unemployed for so long. It can feel hopeless. And still is being stuck in a job you hate sucks too.
3 Crazy Gentle Things If You're Laid Off

3 Crazy Gentle Things if You’re Laid Off

How do I help someone who gets laid off or hates their line of work? I’m going to give you one example of a client who actually meets both of these criteria.
Opening Up to Life's Little Treasures

Opening Up to Life’s Little Treasures

“Opening Up” is a guest blog that was written by Jenai Lieu, for Change My Life Coaching. We are reposting because it’s relevant today. Taking the Risk When we take the risk to try something new we hope for certain outcomes to happen. No one hopes to end up a failure, embarrass themselves or just ... Read more
3 Reasons You Never Feel Career Fulfillment

3 Reasons You Never Experience Career Fulfillment

Career fulfillment can seem elusive. It’s like water, every time you try to catch it, it runs out of your hands. Let’s make it easier!! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure your career out with more ease? I intend on sharing with you three reasons you never experience career fulfillment and 3 super ... Read more
Perception is Not Reality

Perception Is Not Reality

Folks, Christopher Lawrence here with Change My Life Coaching. Your perception is not necessarily your reality. What does this have to do with career coaching? Well, I want you to think about your job search. In our job search, especially these days, you might send out like 10, 20, 50, or even 100 resumes and ... Read more