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STOP IT Negative Thoughts Make You Sick

STOP IT: Negative Thoughts Make You Sick

Your Negative Thoughts are Making You Sick! It might be time for an overhaul on your thinking.
Go Beyond Passion

Awesome Book: Go Beyond Passion

I love passion. I'm really passionate about what I do, too, but I also wanted to introduce to you, this is my book, "Go Beyond Passion." So it's all about...
4 Terrible Ways Your Career Fit Is A Mismatch

4 Terrible Ways Your Career Fit is a Mismatch

Need a better career fit? If you are looking at testing to find out your next job, it may not work. Look at these 4 criteria to ensure you have a good career.
Want to become an Entrepreneur?

I Want to Quit My Job and Become an Entrepreneur

So you wanna quit your job and be an entrepreneur. Okay, listen, I sounded so salesy, didn't I? My name's Christopher Lawrence and I'm with...
Laid off? Map out your network in 5 steps

Laid Off? Map Out Your Network in 5 Easy Steps

Follow these 5 steps to define your power network who will be there to support you! I have provided a free call script for you!
How to get the most out of a career fair

How to Get The Most Out of a Career Fair

I think a lot of people go into career fairs. And what they do is they come in, they drop off resumes, they hand out business cards, they shake a lot of hands...
5 Reasons Why Job Titles Are Lame and Misleading

5 Reasons Why Job Titles Are Lame and Misleading

Let’s bust the five biggest reasons why job titles are lame and misleading. I’m going to number them as Bullsh*t’s (BS’s) because that’s what it is and that’s the level of seriousness we should take this. In my personal opinion, these are some of the reasons why the job search and fit models are completely broken. Job ... Read more
Stop Taking Career Tests

Stop Taking Career Tests…

Stop taking career tests. Listen. I think career tests serve a purpose-ish in our world, but actually I think a lot of times they leave people more confused.
How do I know if I should leave my job?

How Do I Know if I Should Leave My Job?

Listen, if you're not sure if you should leave your job, if you're stuck struggling making that decision, then maybe we could just agree that time is ticking...
Laid Off: 3 Terrible Ways Your EGO is Getting In The Way

Laid Off: 3 Terrible Ways Your Ego is Getting In The Way

Unfortunately so many folks are getting laid off right now. Unfortunately, so many folks are letting their ego get in the way. 3 Problems. 3 Fixes.