Discovering Your Dream Job

Our jobs are where we spend the best part of our lives – our prime. If we are fulfilled and inspired this extends the best part of our life. And we become the person that inspires others to live their best life.

Some people have a clear vision of what they were meant to do professionally and are purposeful in pursuing their passion. Others might feel like they have a calling, but it’s not quite clear what it is. And still others may not have a calling at all – and that’s okay too.

Also, look at all the job titles in the world; there are around 5 billion jobs in the world (70% of the world’s population has a job).

Participants will learn:

  • What a dream job is and isn’t
  • First steps to create your Personal Vision and discover your Life’s Purpose
  • Strategies on how to avoid challenges like feeling unfulfilled, holding your boss accountable, living pay cheque to pay cheque
  • When it’s time to quit
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