Engage or Restrain – Productive Conflict in the Workplace

When you think of conflict, what does it make you think of or feel? Why do we fear conflict and/or avoid it? Why does conflict have a negative connotation? If we all seem to generally think that conflict is uncomfortable, why do we have it? What results can be productive, even if the process of getting there is uncomfortable?

Whatever you think of, conflict comes down to a difference of opinions involving strong emotions. And it triggers different behaviours in each of us, ranging from destructive to productive. In many ways, we need conflict – at least some level of it. And, as you may know, like change, it’s inevitable. Therefore, we should deal with it in ways that can be beneficial.

Participants will learn:

  • How to explore, as an individual, react to conflict
  • Ways that people, based on their DiSC® styles, react to conflict
  • To recognize and curb destructive conflict behaviours and use productive behaviors instead
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