Managing Difficult Change/Change Management

Most people struggle with communicating difficult change.  The good news though, is that our capability to change is really high!  When we are forced into change (even if it’s unpleasant) we find a way to adapt and make it work, don’t we?  This is because we have the need to survive!  It’s built right into us.  We might do this kicking and screaming, fighting it the whole way, but inevitably we will adapt.

Why change management? Our natural willingness to change when the outcome doesn’t directly benefit us in an obvious reason why we resist. Why?  Because something in our brain want to keep things status quo and we are comfortable.

Participants will learn:

  • How to make change successful
  • To identify the pressure points
  • The importance of being clear and identifying the desired state
  • To tell it like it is, explore obstacles
  • How to connect to the vision, what finish looks like
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