REVIEW: Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

To understand this review you first need to understand that I am a whole-life coach who places a strong focus on career. I spend a lot of time helping clients discover a job doing something they will love, and if what they love isn’t in line with their values (like what they want to make financially or to be able to support their family) we then focus on learning to love any job.  Another part of … Read more

Job Titles Are Bullsh*t – Strip Away the Title and Dress Up the Job!

Confident Career Tip No. 5 Let’s bust the five biggest bullsh*t’s about job titles so that we can get past the title and get you into the job you were born to do!   Bullsh*t #1: Picking Your “Title” in High-School While it is unlikely that in most high schools you are choosing the title you want when you get into the workforce, there is a huge emphasis on picking a fairly specific career path … Read more

Does Your Job Fit You?

Marcus Buckingham would tell you that only 17% of people are playing to their true strengths in their current job.  This is based off an extensive study done on over 2-million people worldwide! Are You “Title Shopping” or Dream Job Shopping? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if everyone was in a job that made them feel strong at the end of every single day. The problem is that we spend too much time … Read more