Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Happy New Year everyone! As we start off a New Year, I think most of us take the time to ponder and envision the things that are important to us.  Some call them resolutions, or goals, or plans – whatever resonates for you – but they are all about what and where we want to put our focus and precious energy this year. Recently, I was in the company of a group of amazing ladies … Read more

Happy Freaking Holidays – 4 Tips on Surviving Family Holiday Gatherings

The holidays offer plenty of reasons to be stressed out and anxious… the gifts you haven’t bought yet, the wrapping to be done, the pile of cookies, the cards to be mailed, the office parties. But for many, the biggest source of holiday stress is family… the family dinner, the obligations, and the burden of family traditions. “There is an idea that holiday gatherings with family are supposed to be joyful and stress free,” says … Read more

A Practice in Listening to My Voice

I’m not sure if it was the right thing to do, but a couple of weeks ago I chose not to take Christopher’s advice. I found myself caught up in a relationship I had not quite experienced before. Typically when being romantically involved with someone the days seem a bit brighter, people around you seem happier and everything is just swell because thinking about this person leaves a big, dumb smile on your face and … Read more