Stress and Anxiety

Overwhelm and The Distracted Mind

Every day we are bombarded by information and distractions. It can feel like our attention is being pulled in a million different directions at once. What can we do to enjoy, sort out all of the incoming information while maintaining our focus, productivity and well-being? In my pursuit of the answer to that question, a … Read more

Hustle and Bustle

At this time of year, the term “Hustle and Bustle” conjures up the image of people with brightly wrapped gifts stacked in their arms happily on their way to spread good cheer. But sometimes the reality of “hustle and bustle” of this season is a long “To Do” list and lots of pressure to fit … Read more


CHALLENGE VIDEO: Get Stressed! | Change My Life Coaching

Is it time to get stressed!? Kyle says to get stressed out!   Originally aired: November 21, 2016 Transcription Christopher: It’s the most stressful time of the year and that’s not just because of my singing. Christopher Lawrence with Change my Life Coaching here, with Kyle Kalloo with Change my life coaching. We wanted to … Read more

Your Perception is Not Reality!

Your Perception is Not Reality! | Change My Life Coaching

We have often heard the phrase “perception is reality”.  None of us see the world as it actually is. No. In fact, we see the world as we actually are. We are full of our own biases and, quite frankly, sometimes we get stuck in those biases believing that they are absolute truth.  There is … Read more

Living Beyond Fear

I have known for a very long time (decades) that I have been caught up in a loop of the same fear thought…always playing in the background – over and over.  I felt like I was wearing a heavy cloak of shame with this worry.  I pondered, fretted, shared with the occasional friend, woke up … Read more

VIDEO: Sensitivity Is Your Superpower

VIDEO: Sensitivity Is Your Superpower | Change My Life Coaching

“You’re too sensitive” is a phrase I heard all too often in my corporate career. And Mayim Bialik’s first comment in this video about the paperclips brought a tear to my eye. I am totally that guy. I buy coloured paperclips, they are metallic coloured paperclips, and sometimes I think about how sad I am … Read more

The New Four Letter Word

The New Four Letter Word | Change My Life Coaching

Does your life feel “crazy busy”? I’d like to share an awesome article from with some insight into our crazy…busy world. I have a confession.   I have a new four letter word infiltrating my vocabulary. B.U.S.Y. “I’m busy. I’m crazy busy.” That’s actually what I tell people when they ask me how I … Read more