Little Things That Make A Big Difference

Happy New Year everyone! As we start off a New Year, I think most of us take the time to ponder and envision the things that are important to us.  Some call them resolutions, or goals, or plans – whatever resonates for you – but they are all about what and where we want to put our focus and precious energy this year. Recently, I was in the company of a group of amazing ladies … Read more

Become A Better Leader by Traveling More!

Experience is very important in life, it’s often what we look back on. This not only helps us to advance but also provide us a chance to grow in a better way. However, it is a common practice that when we are following our dreams we forget to take a break. That might be a positive sign to some extent but it will eventually show the side effects as well. To avoid the many side … Read more

Why Hire A Business Coach?

Coaching is NOT Just for the Athletes in Rio at the Olympic Games. The reasons why you need to hire a business coach. Why hire a business coach? I am often asked that question, more times than I can count. My answer is pretty simple; because most successful businesses that are interested in long term growth and development have a business coach. And if they don’t, they have someone who is absolutely savvy in all … Read more

Sexism, Alive and Well: Women & Leadership

Confident Career Tip No. 10 The Province of Alberta, Canada made history on Tuesday, May 5. Not only did we elect a majority NDP (very leftist for our non-Canadian readers) government after a whopping 44 years of having a PC (rightist) government but we also elected our second female premier, Rachel Notley.  What is even more surprising in our conservative province is that this new caucus is 33% female. The largest number of women who … Read more